06 January 2005

Roll mouse over dots to see popup page thumbnails http://ranking.thumbshots.com/?q1=hosting&e1=google&q2=hosting&e2=yahoo&p=tophosts.com

User Interaction/Experience Architect : http://www.willylaidesign.com/

Mondrian-ish Mosaic : http://www.knowltonmosaics.com/ (Robert Wainwright in Geometric Pieces); works deliberately made to be seen differently at different scales: from afar (or small), most of them are portraits, but at close range each is a vast array of seashells, dominoes, pottery shards, puzzle pieces, or other small objects or symbols.

"The thing about making it big, and doing it fast, is that invariably the first steps will be small and slow. In a world of magic, miracles, and a conspiring Universe, taking small, slow steps is NOT just settling for less." - The Universe

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