31 July 2015




(Info Overload) https://www.guernicamag.com/features/stars-in-my-pocket-like-bits-of-data/



(Definition) 'Laplace’s demon': the present state of the universe is the effect of its past and the cause of its future


Tom Waits's Greatest Hits


"The geographical pilgrimage is the symbolic acting out of an inner journey. One can have one without the other. It is best to have both." - Thomas Merton, Trappist Monk
"I wish I would have done more to make an impact in this world." - Deathbed Regrets
"Die having done something. You are not here long." - R.B.Wild (after Walker Evans)
"What good does it do knowing approximately where the treasure lies, yet never digging? Having a bank account with millions in it, but never writing a check? Or discovering the fountain of youth, but never drinking a drop?" - The Universe
"Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory." - Proust

28 July 2015

(Map) http://www.http://www.neighbourhoodartsnetwork.org/toronto-arts-online/attend-an-event


Mapiful ; customize a beautiful black & white poster of any location in the world (based on OpenStreetMap data)

(How do people turn space into a lived, livable place?) http://www.space-for-place.ca/


(Sequential video) Journey Into the Arctic



(Definition) 'Arte Povera' - "poor art" or "impoverished art" - was the most influential avant-garde movement to emerge in Europe in the 1960s involving a dozen Italian artists using commonplace materials that might evoke a pre-industrial age, such as earth, rocks, clothing, paper and rope (to make sculptures).

Ska Bands

"An artist must be open to the muse. The greater the artist, the more he is open to 'cosmic currents'." - William S. Burroughs 
"Leisure … is not the privilege of those who can afford to take time; it is the virtue of those who give to everything they do the time it deserves to take." - David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine monk and interfaith dialogue activist
"I would like this painting more if you hadn't made it." - (said to) Emma Webster
"Buckminster Fuller explained to me once that because our world is constructed from geometric relations like the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series, by thinking about geometry all the time, you could organize and harmonize your life with the structure of the world." - Einar Thorsteinn
"I am interested in a complex kind of visual that does not just settle into one way of being read." -  Lecia Dole-Recio

17 July 2015

https://www.academia.edu/13451283/Crossing_maps_spaces_of_never-ending_arrival   (reinvent the figurative meanings that generally reduce a border to a line and migration to an arrow)



Digital artifacts manifested as public sculpture




let's see an elephant paint something like this;
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(Consumed?) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2056088/Footage-kills-conspiracy-theories-Rare-footage-shows-WTC-7-consumed-fire.html

"I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free." - Nikos Kazantzakis
"... that artist’s undefined role in society leaves them unbound by restrictions. They’re granted the freedom to take risks, and risk is essential for innovation... art can communicate a message in a powerful way without pandering or preaching." - Cheryl Hsu, Madeleine Co.
"A good story is a good story no matter who wrote it." - Anne McCaffrey
"... How easy would I make it look? How many heads would I turn? How many smiles would I get? How many laughs, winks, and high-fives?" - TU
"Anything becomes interesting if you look at it long enough." - Gustave Flaubert

16 July 2015






(Origami Project) http://foldtheflock.org/


(Definition) 'assemblage theory': a heterogeneous and open-ended grouping of elements (that do not form a coherent whole) that helps explain how different meanings emanating from various actors may interact and endure in a contingent and provisional way



"You're always looking for ways of tricking yourself in order to save yourself from habit." - Samira Abbassy
"You are what you settle for." - Janis Joplin
"Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact." - William S. Burroughs
"Had you not been everywhere you've been, you couldn't now go everywhere you will go." - TU
"I wish I would have had more confidence and tried more things, instead of being afraid of looking like a fool." - Deathbed Regrets

14 July 2015

(Map) Where the Wild Things Are






(Book) http://www.thamesandhudsonusa.com/books/digital-art-softcover-third-edition


https://us.en.kb.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/34118/p/40096,40097,40257,40302/c/65,66/kw/Vibrating camera


"Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth." - Via http://www.bangyourart.com/

"Keep your 'end results' general. Everything else is just a how." - TU
"Where we have stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul." - The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary
"Don't let the fear of Falling Keep you away from Flying." - ?
"The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know." - Blaise Pascal

10 July 2015











"Ironically, had it not been for every disappointment, setback, and detour in the road of your life, you wouldn't have come so far." - The Universe
"It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top." - Virginia Woolf
"The true antidote of greed is contentment." - H.H the Dalai Lama
"You can say that my work is provocative, that maybe I was asking for it. But nobody will prevent me from expressing myself, practicing my art, and fighting for my ideas." - Combo
"At the heart of all great art is an essential melancholy." - F. Garcia Lorca

07 July 2015



(Podcasts) http://www.webofstories.com/play/benoit.mandelbrot

Does art require an audience?

Best Art book Ever : http://www.brainpickings.org/2013/07/12/robert-henri-the-art-spirit-brotherhood/



https://instagram.com/addyellow is it mine then?



"There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less." - G.K. Chesterton
"Hoping, wishing, and praying shouldn't ever be confused with doing (all you can, with what you've got, from where you are)." - The Universe
"Your life is your practice. Your spiritual practice does not occur someplace other than in your life right now, and your life is nowhere other than where you are... Live the life in front of you, be the life you are, and see what you find out for yourself." - Karen Maezen Miller
"We are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not." - Joan Didion
"Today may be the last day of your juvenile delinquency, but it should also be the first day of your new adult disobedience." - John Waters