28 May 2020


(Book) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Poetics_of_Space (by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard)

(Podcast) https://theconversation.com/how-dangerous-are-conspiracy-theories-listen-to-part-five-of-our-expert-guide-136070


(Documentary) "The Hero's Journey" (Joseph Campbell)  YouTube






"It is time to forsake our age and its adolescent furies.” - Camus, The Rebel
"What we take for the reality outside of ourselves can be understood as a story we're telling ourselves about who we are and how the world works." - Charles Eisenstein
"I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” -  Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Stretch yourself, scoff at the odds, get the ball rolling so that the magic can then come alive and sweep you off your feet with its infinite grace and glory." - TU
“When the storm starts talking, no ocean can sleep!” - Mehmet Murat

19 May 2020

(Film) The Hero's Journey: A Biographical Portrait





Algorithmic Accountabilit:y https://boingboing.net/2019/12/04/fundamental-critique.html



Ontario’s Triage COVID-19 Protocol


"There are moments in our lives, moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual - become clairvoyant. We reach then into reality. Such are the moments of our greatest happiness. Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom." - Robert Henri (The Art Spirit p.45)
"Look and you will find it; what is unsought will go undetected." - Sophocles
"You have to go there. You have to choose your stage. You have to do your dance. Putting yourself in place, to any degree that you can, even if it scares you, even when it's 'hard',  even if it's just your big toe." - TU
"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - Audrey Hepburn
"We live on an island of knowledge surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.” - John A. Wheeler (quoted in John Horgan’s “The New Challenges,” Scientific American, 1992)

09 May 2020



Video (Pandemic Exponential Growth)


(Populism) http://nautil.us/issue/83/intelligence/the-man-who-saw-the-pandemic-coming?utm_source=pocket-newtab



Dana carver teenage bullshit https://youtu.be/tN-LJ7w5pwQ. Last few seconds

Health care system could be total collapse

(SMorris)  https://imgflip.com/meme/162372564/Domino-Effect

“Everybody feels the evil, but no one has courage or energy enough to seek the cure.” - Alexis de Tocqueville (wrote of Americans in 1830)
"If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between 'for' and 'against' is the mind's worst disease;” - Jianzhi Sengcan
"In moments of existential crisis, time has a tendency to collapse, whole chains of events that may usually require years and decades too unfold, suddenly happen overnight.” - Farid Moslehi
“Sometimes when you look back at the trail you've tread, it's actually hard to believe you were as scared or confused or uncertain as you were, yet still you rocked it. You're on fire." - The Universe
“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” - Georgia O’Keeffe