25 August 2006

Organic Information Design : http://acg.media.mit.edu/people/fry/thesis/ (Benjamin Fry's Masters thesis) explores approaches to the visualization of dynamic information based on the simulation of organic properties (example of experimental visualizations, "Valence", can be viewed with a Java-capable browser). Via http://www.fridgebuzz.com/2002_12_01_arch.html

How to use AJAX: http://www.seomoz.org/blogdetail.php?ID=1295 Five Real World Examples

Diagram Recognition Laboratory : http://www.cs.queensu.ca/drl/ automating the recognition of diagrammatic notations such as maps, blueprints, mathematical notation, UML diagrams and sheet music.

THE NAMING OF AMERICA : http://www.uhmc.sunysb.edu/surgery/america.html

Burning Man Beatmaps : http://burningman.beatmaps.com/ might help you discover events being held . Via http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/2006/08/burning-man-google-maps-mashups.html

Trapping Communities Maps : http://www.albertasource.ca/treaty8/eng/1899_and_After/Art_and_Lifeways/maps_and_diagrams.html

Maps of Palestine : http://users.powernet.co.uk/mkmarina/palestine/palestine_full.html Where is Palestine, and why are Palestinians unhappy with their lot? Via http://www.peteloud.co.uk/

The Wayback Machine : http://www.archive.org/web/web.php Example

Core FTP Lite : http://www.coreftp.com/ Via http://channels.lockergnome.com/windows/archives/20060822_core_ftp_lite_v13c.phtml Free

Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft : http://roadtoknowwhere.com/ for Windows & Office Programs available for download. Via http://bhandler.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1231.entry

Seling out : http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/92589/kiko-gives-up-in-the-face-of-google.html on eBay.

Now sidebarred here : http://www.wowblog.co.uk/ 'Links'

M. C. Escher Museum : http://www.escherinhetpaleis.nl/ Via http://travel.roughguides.com/planning/journalEntryActivity.asp?JournalID=20266&EntryID=27366

Digital recording : http://www.intent.com/bruce/sarcophagus.aiff of the so-called "sarcophagus" in the so-called "King's Chamber" of the Great Pyramid. Via http://www.intent.com/bruce/interests.html

The Principles of Excellence : Solomon says.

"Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us." - Jerry Garcia
"Why is geometry often described as 'cold' and 'dry' ? One reason lies in its inability to describe the shape of a cloud, a mountain, a coastline, a tree ..." - Benoit Mandelbrot, The Fractal Geometry of Nature, 1977, Ch 1

24 August 2006

Geographic Visualization Research Priorities, Revisited : http://www.ucgis.org/priorities/research/2006research/chapter_11_update_new.pdf#search=%22infovis%2B10%20unsolved%22 or View as HTML

A Taxonomy of Browsing Methods : www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/visible-human/vhp/graphbrowse.ps

Of the three 2 dimensional shapes (equilateral triangle, rectangle, and hexagon) that can be used to tile the plane without holes, the hexagon is the most complex and has many interesting properties : http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/texture/shm/index.html uses a base 7 numbering system for the hexagonal mesh.

How to find images on the mighty internet : http://urbanex.wordpress.com/2006/06/12/how-to-find-images-on-the-mighty-internet/

Statistically correct maps : http://analyticjournalism.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2006/7/5/2087154.html Via http://analyticjournalism.blogharbor.com/blog/cmd=search_keyword/k=mapping

VisSearch : http://students.ed.uiuc.edu/ylee12/VisSearchPages/how_does_vissearch_address_these.htm creates reusable visual computational artifacts for all Web searching processes.

del.icio.us : http://del.icio.us/ now provides thumbnails of the sites and posts which are being featured. Like the titles of the featured stories, the thumbnails also link to the original destination.

Cloud Shape Classifiers : http://cloudy.halo.gen.nz/famous (server examines each image, and reduces it to 57 numbers representing various visual qualities).

'The Civilized Explorer' features a wiki for folks visiting the Burning Man Festival with a link to a Tagzania map : http://www.tagzania.com/user/louise showing locations of places to shop in Reno.

Can Mind Maps Help You to Buy a Mountain Bike? : http://www.factograph.com/blog/2006/08/09/can-mind-maps-help-you-to-buy-a-mountain-bike/ also links to 40 Mind Map Examples

Blackboard patent : a showcase demonstration on the absurdity of software patents , reminds readers of the no learning patents campaign against software patents in Europe that has been underway for some time. Via http://www.downes.ca/archive/06/08_04_news_OLDaily.htm

Andrea McLean's pictures have been compared to maps : http://www.artspacegallery.co.uk/MainImagePages/Artists/Paintings/McLean/Morgan_writing.htm

Nitty Gritty Guides concept is pitched in episode 1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctwo/programmes/?id=dragons_den, towards the end for around 30 seconds.

Crop (inside story) Circles : http://www.greatdreams.com/crpcirc.htm

"Your work is to discover your work, and then give all your heart to it." - Dhammapada
"If throwing a lifeline, make sure you don't knock out the person you're trying to help." - SAS Survival Guide
"All day long I have exciting ideas and thoughts. But I take up in my work only those to which my dreams direct me." - C.G. Jung
"A good indicator that you're crazy is an inability to ask the question 'Am I crazy?'" - Robert from 'Proof'
"Nothing is the infinite potential for all possibilities." - Layman John
"The wonder is this: that, as we walk it, the path becomes clear. We have only to trust it into action, then truth reveals itself, shining all the brighter for the darkness of our time." - Joanna Macy
"Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the sun. But I have never been able to make out the numbers." - Joan

23 August 2006

CubicNavigator : http://www.clickheredesign.com.au/cubicnavigator/tutorials/13-faq.html#whatiscubicnavigator (Cubic refers to the VR panorama format which represents the view around the observer as six cube faces; four around, one above and one underneath).

Migrant Deaths Map : http://www.humaneborders.org/news/images/migrantdeaths_0004.jpg Via http://www.humaneborders.org/news/news4.html

Tools for GoogleEarth : http://www.sgrillo.net/googleearth/ Free.

Visual Search Tools : http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/vissearch/

http://www.showmewhere.net/gmap/index.php is a point-and-click interface to creating customized Google Maps (Drop markers or draw lines, Annotate markers or lines with any HTML you want, Send your map in an email, or host map on your website...).

Screen shots and text captions appear when they mouseover a list of ordinary looking links : http://javascript.internet.com/navigation/links-with-a-twist.html and http://lab.arc90.com/tools/linkthumb/ Via http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060808132444AA490aK

Ideas for structuring knowledge : http://goedel.uiah.fi/projects/calibrate/attachment/wiki/Technology/ReviewOfOtherProducts.pdf?format=raw#search=%22thesaurus%20liveplasma%20concept%20map%22

Hexagon Textures : http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/texture/hexagon/index.html (for tiling screen backgrounds?)

(Example) Blog Community Map : http://www3.sympatico.ca/teresae/mydb2blog.html Via http://blogs.ittoolbox.com/km/elsua/archives/my-blog-community-map-going-lazy-with-frappr-11105

Dynamic Imagery for Visual Analogy : http://cogsci.uwaterloo.ca/Articles/Pages/diva.pdf#search=%22Node-Link%20Map%20about%20dreams%22 PDF

GOOD TACTICS CANNOT MAKE-UP FOR POOR STRATEGY : http://zenpundit.blogspot.com/2006/07/israel-and-its-enemies-good-tactics.html

Can political borders be fractalish 'coast-lines'? : http://www.1-900-870-6235.com/Images/BorderLineLength.gif

The Cognitive Map : http://the-mouse-trap.blogspot.com/2006/06/cognitive-map-how-mice-and-men-learn.html 'Spatial Orientation' learning (Let there be light!).

Internet Resource for Vision Research : http://www.visionscience.com

In Quest of Uncommon Ground : http://www.laetusinpraesens.org/docs/common97.php#peace

Now listed here : http://library.uta.edu/gis/gisNews.jsp?cat=User%20and%20Developer%20Blogs User and Developer Blogs

“Bel far niente” — The Italian expression for “the beauty of doing nothing”
“Forcing life to go down a particular path often leads to dissatisfaction and failure. The solution is detachment – letting go of specific outcomes — playing full out, not worrying or caring about how things turn out.”- Stephen Shapiro, Author, Goal-Free Living
"The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents." - N. Borenstein
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality." - barnes.net
"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." - Jonas Salk

22 August 2006

VISUALIZING WIKI SEMANTICS AS TOPIC MAPS : http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/~stroulia/EduNuggets/enwic-iceis2006.pdf#search=%22%20%22vissearch%22%22 View as HTML

"Aristotle" (The Knowledge Web) : http://www.jefallbright.net/node/2618

Cheerful and exciting guide to the City of Bristol : http://www.nittygrittyguide.com/nittygrittyguide_Bristol.pdf (6mb)

Slave Trade Maps : http://hitchcock.itc.virginia.edu/Slavery/return.php?categorynum=1&categoryName=Maps:%20Africa,%20New%20World,%20Slave%20Trade Africa, New World

(?) Warning: Do Not Use Google Sitemaps!! : http://www.threadwatch.org/node/8251 generated interesting comments.

Evolving Visualizations : http://vis.cs.brown.edu/areas/projects/genetic.html

(Blue Oyster) Spiral Fractal Zoom : http://www.infectiousvideos.com/index.php?p=showvid&sid=1596&a=playvid

Symmetry Explained : http://www.codefun.com/papers/SymmetryE5.pdf View as HTML (picture of how the map appears from the perspective of all twenty triangular faces of the icosahedron).

Dragonfly-The Map Is Not the Territory: http://www.egolikeness.com/dragonfly/Audio/Ego%20Likeness-%20The%20Map%20is%20not%20the%20Territory%20(Clip).mp3 (Mp3 clip)

"World Map Of Happiness" : http://www.le.ac.uk/pc/aw57/world/the%20global%20projection%20of%20subjective%20well-being.pdf discussed at http://drdeborahserani.blogspot.com/2006/07/world-map-of-happiness.html

How much do hackers have in common with artists? : http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/008873.php

Laws of the Natural Universe : http://hubertheller.googlepages.com/lawsofthenaturaluniverse

Online Graphic Novel : http://smithmag.us/shootingwar/index.php Via http://envisciguy.gnn.tv/

"The difference between design and research seems to be a question of the good versus the new. Design doesn't have to be new, but it has to be good. Research doesn't have to be good, but it has to be new. I think these two paths converge at the top: the best design surpasses its predecessors by using new ideas, and the best research solves problems that are not only new, but worth solving. So ultimately design and research are aiming for the same destination, just approaching it from different directions. " - P. Graham (in "Hackers and Painters" footnote 9, pg. 224)

"The energy of the artistic mindset that exists amongst us can change the world." - Tessa Nunn http://www.artofthepeace.ca/beinganartist.htm
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass,the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense." - mevlana jelaluddin rumi - 13th century From Worldprayers site via http://moooonriver.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F50083AB13224D70!8316.entry
"I'm an inventor, and I started looking at long-term trends because an invention has to make sense in the world in which it was finished, not the world in which it started." - Ray Kurzweil
"No matter how far down the wrong road you have gone, turn back now." - Anonymous Turkish Proverb via http://lazur.com/computer-science-quotations
"Until someone asks 'is it art?', it isn't." - RW

21 August 2006

How to make Google Earth Movies : http://www.gemcor.com/media/randomaccess/C1018474727/E20050714110320/index.html for Free! Via http://del.icio.us/pforret/visualization

Interactive Album of Map Projections : http://projections.mgis.psu.edu/

Visualizing Content Based Relations in Texts : http://portal.acm.org/affiliated/ft_gateway.cfm?id=545651&type=pdf&coll=GUIDE&dl=ACM [PDF]

ER Mapper 6.0 : http://www.geoambiente.com.br/images/Documentos/Map_Production.pdf

Creating Great Mashups :

(Animated) ObesityMap : http://health.msn.com/reports/obesity/default.aspx

Illustration of an approach to the construction of self-similar labyrinths and mazes from images : http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/eg2005/animPics/A3.jpg (magnification factor of 500 is shown in the animation). Via http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/eg2005/animations.html

Squared Circle : http://www.flickr.com/groups/circle/ using /Flickr images to generate Collaborative Poster.
Custom map icons in local business ads : http://adwords.blogspot.com/2006/08/custom-map-icons-in-local-business-ads.html (compare to year+old http://adwords.blogspot.com/2006/08/custom-map-icons-in-local-business-ads.html )

Thoughts About Working At Yahoo! : http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/archives/007166.html

Collage Art : http://www.sarahwinkler.com/lg_view.php?aid=25423&atid=10418&lnkname=COLLAGES&mgd_id=1351

How to Make a Crop Circle: http://lug.oregonstate.edu/index.php/Projects/Firefox/Firefox_Circle

Priceless : http://blogshares.com/blogs.php?blog=http%3A%2F%2Fgreatmap.blogspot.com%2F&PHPSESSID=b205f78ed6ee69039eb1f8738b805e85 (?)

An Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict : http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/article.php?pg=4&ar=10

"To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe." - Marilyn vos Savant
"See the whole, but don't forget its parts; see the parts, but don't forget the whole." - Sage
“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.” - Ernest Hemingway
"I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they chose a king, they don't just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas." - Jack Handey
"All new ideas have an element of foolishness when they are first conceived." - Alfred North Whitehead

18 August 2006

BurningMan (Googlized) Map : http://burningman.beatmaps.com/ The BMorg (people who organize Burning Man) are kind of secretive about geo matters, so anyone doing tech is likely to just use the data from the previous year generated by participant hackers.

Nunaliit Cybercartographic Atlas Framework : http://nunaliit.org/index.html aims to make it easy to tell stories and highlight relationships between many different forms of information from a variety of sources, using maps as a central way to connect and interact with the data. (The word nunaliit means "settlement", "community", or "habitat" in Inuktitut - the name given to the dialects of the Inuit language in Canada. )

Hiding and Highlighting Power in ... Maps : http://www.newberry.org/smith/slidesets/ss31.html

Faceted browse interfaces : wine.com, RawSugar, Siderean (fac.etiou.us), and mefeedia.com are different ways of going from tags to facets. Via http://www.rashmisinha.com/archives/06_07/tag-findability.html

The Long Tail of Mapping : http://www.directionsmag.com/editorials.php?article_id=2208&trv=1 Watch how "consumer mapping portals" merge with "Web GIS" very soon.

Spherical coordinate system : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spherical_coordinates#Spherical_coordinates is a three-dimensional polar coordinate system.

Honeycomb Navigation : http://archivist.incutio.com/viewlist/css-discuss/26075 discussion and examples.

Let website owners actually provide reward to the bloggers : http://creamaid.com/howto.html

Comic Strip Generator : http://www.kaboodle.com/sign_generator/Sign-Generators/Comic-Strip-Generator-Over-1-000-Toon-Choices (Over 1,000 Toon Choices)

Perfect Maze Creation Algorithms : http://www.astrolog.org/labyrnth/algrithm.htm

Graphic Design for the Web : http://www.fred.net/dhark/graphics

MANDALA SYMBOLISM : http://www.michaelbrown.org/html/mandala_symbolism.html

Google Translates English To & From Arabic : http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/060428-094516

Querying Geographical Names : http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/search/search_e.php (of Canada) Geographic Names Information System - Online Data Base Query Form- (US).

Long-forgotten papers may offer a new road map for peace? : http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/longforgotten-papers-may-offer-a-new-road-map-for-peace/2006/08/02/1154198206054.html also http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1469-8129.2006.00235_12.x?cookieSet=1

The Uses of Anti-Semitism : http://politicscentral.com/2006/08/15/the_uses_of_antisemitism_by_ne.php

"The place you are right now God circled on a map for you." - Ibraham Hafiz
"Faith in oneself... is the best and safest course." - Michelangelo
"You can always tell an old soul by how indifferent they are to setbacks." - TU
"The great man is he who does not lose his childlike heart." - Mencius
"The work is done and then forgotten. And so it lasts forever." - Lao Tzu
"You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need." - Jerry Gillies

17 August 2006

Webzari : http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/060727-111305 is a tool that visually maps the data from Yahoo Site Explorer. It takes a site's inlinks, and maps them in planets on a map.

Placebase (used with the Pushpin API) is hosting a demonstration of Dynamic Layers. Via http://www.directionsmag.com/article.php?article_id=2237&trv=1

GoodEvil Map : http://www.peacejournalism.org/index.php?f=data_home&a=3 (One of the many visual aids used in Peace Journalism presentations.)

Figures from the Blackboard patent : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mike_malloch/sets/540379/ also available as a Flickr slideshow. Via http://www.knownet.com/writing/elearning2.0/entries/figures_from_blackboard_patent

Xcavator : http://www.xcavator.net/index.html?sid (for limited public demo) allows you to make a visual sketch and then find digital images based on that reference. Via http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2006/07/28/visual_similarity_search_engine_finds.htm

(Annimation) "filling the browser window with clickable hexagons" : http://srufaculty.sru.edu/david.dailey/svg/pattern.svg (Events and dynamic SVG). Via http://srufaculty.sru.edu/david.dailey/svg/SVGAnimations.htm

3D (visualization) models : http://www.emailerosion.org/erosion.html of email messages.

How long will the buzz about mashup go on? : http://www.directionsmag.com/article.php?article_id=2236 also discussed at http://blogs.zdnet.com/SAAS/index.php?p=178 and http://news.com.com/2100-1032_3-6062563.html

“Overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on-demand”; Information-seeking visualization paradigm of Shneiderman (1996) discussed http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~ccollins/TR-wordnet-explorer.pdf

How and Why Wikipedia Works : http://www.riehle.org/computer-science/research/2006/wikisym-2006-interview.html

Where Are the Truly Disruptive Innovators? : http://www.innovateforum.com/innovate/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=362239

A Coloring–book Theory of Modern War : http://garnet.acns.fsu.edu/~nr03/A%20Coloring%20Book%20Theory%20of%20Modern%20War.htm

100+ templates and on-line image generators : http://txt2pic.com/

" It may be true that, hidden in human character, there are two powerfuland contrary dispositions, neither strong enough to defeat or put to flight the other." - Michael Oakeshott, On Human Conduct (Oxford, 1975: Oxford UniversityPress)
"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict." - William Channing (1780-1842), Founder of the American Unitarian Association, 1825
"When you come to a roadblock, take a detour." - Mary Kay Ash
"Pray the largest prayers. You cannot think a prayer so large that God, in answering it, will not wish you had made it larger. Pray not for crutches but wings." - Phillips Brooks
"Sometimes when you walk through a maze, you have to go back to where you started to get where you want to go." - Duane Alan Hahn
"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." - African Proverb via http://www.randomterrain.com/favorite-quotes-failure-and-adversity.html

04 August 2006

Phoogle the Web : http://www.ifp.uni-stuttgart.de/publications/2005/walter05_phowo.pdf
– Google’s Approach to Spatial Data Visualisation

Blast Maps : http://www.nuclearterror.org/blastmaps.html three concentric circles show the devastation that would be wrought by a nuclear weapon. Via http://www.gismonitor.com/news/newsletter/archive/archives.php?issue=20060727&style=web&length=short

International Boundary Studies : http://www.law.fsu.edu/library/collection/LimitsinSeas/numericalibs.html

Sketched a map at http://www.1-900-870-6235.com/eLearning/Images/CIPSBOKmap.jpg of the IT Body of Knowledge (BOK) outlined at http://www.cips.ca/standards/isp/bok

Some of the net's favorite products (Flickr, Blogger,...) were accidental : http://www.bloggingstocks.com/2006/07/28/flickr-blogger-some-of-the-nets-favorite-products-were-accide/

Two-dimensional maps, fundamental to the understanding of political borders, have been drawn again and again for the West Bank. Each time they have failed to capture its vertical divisions. : http://www.opendemocracy.net/debates/article.jsp?id=2&debateId=45&articleId=631

Basic HTML: Manipulating Images : http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.php/3478191 covers Placement On Page , Aligning Text With Images, Changing Image Size , and The HR Command

Photo-montage creator : http://www.imagegenerator.net/

How Does Complexity Theory Suggest We Act ? : http://www.calresco.org/action.htm#act

Blogged here 18 July : http://www.followtothesun.blogspot.com/ 'Quest for order'.

Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/14/google_earth_competition_results/

"Canada is an Indian word meaning "Big Village, Cyprus has a map on its flag, The (you are here arrow) on a map is called the IDEO locator, Tom Cruise's name was Thomas Mapother, before he changed it." - http://www.uselessfacts.ca/

He had bought a large map representing the sea, Without the least vestige of land:
And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be A map they could all understand.
"What's the good of Mercator's North Poles and Equators, Tropics, Zones, and Meridian Lines?''
So the Bellman would cry: and the crew would reply ``They are merely conventional signs! `
`Other maps are such shapes, with their islands and capes! But we've got our brave Bellman to thank''
(So the crew would protest) ``that he's bought us the best--- A perfect and absolute blank!''
This was charming, no doubt: but they shortly found out That the Captain they trusted so well
Had only one notion for crossing the ocean, And that was to tingle his bell. http://www.theotherpages.org/poems/carrol03.html ; Fit the Second)

"There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Mohandas Gandhi
"I tell people I'm not blind," he says. "I just can't see." - Ben (blind since age 3)
“I don’t know whether my life has been a success or a failure. But not having any anxiety about becoming one instead of the other, and just taking things as they come along, I’ve had a lot of extra time to enjoy life.” - Harpo Marx
"That you do something is almost always far more important than what you do."- TU
"The deepest words of the wise man teach us the same as the whistle of the wind when it blows, or the sound of the water when it is flowing." - Antonio Machado http://www.irealm.org/quotes/dispquote.php?page=m
"All successful revolutions are the kicking in of a rotten door." - John Kenneth Galbraith

03 August 2006

“Atlas” : http://atlas.asp.net/Default.aspx?tabid=47 is a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized cross-browser web applications.

Mapping is a convenient way to represent space, information, and/or concepts into a condensed document : http://artandtech.osu.edu:16080/350/350amy/assignment3.html

(sample) Google Earth/Map finds: Office buildings (19) Other (1) Other objects (92) Other sport objects (43) Parks, squares (11) Piers, jetties (4) Radars, telescopes (4) Railway (20) Railway stations (18) Rivers, lakes (30) Roads (6) Science & technology (7) Ships (32) Shopping centers (27) Skyscrapers (35) Stadiums (393) Temples (29) Towers (19) UNESCO World Heritage Sites (23) Waterfalls (2) Weirdness (3) Via

Latitude : http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~feegi/index.html Changed Knowledge of the World

Geometry of Occupation : http://www.opendemocracy.net/conflict/article_1476.jsp Via http://www.opendemocracy.net/author/Eyal_Weizman.jsp

Real-Time Traffic Via your writst Watch : http://daggle.com/060725-150112.html

Pretty Maps : http://www.staff.amu.edu.pl/%7Ezbzw/glob/glob1.htm (A comprehensive set of pictures, very interesting visually) via The Art and Science of Cartography : http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~feegi/carto.html

Freeware downloads for Windows : http://www.freshfolder.com/Graphic_Apps/Other/ and other Graphic Apps

Eyebeam Residencies : http://www.eyebeam.org/production/production.php?page=air - Call for Submission

L.A. Without a Map : http://www.slate.com/ebooks/eBc/eBc-December-2003.htm#LAWithoutMap Has the American literary imagination gotten Los Angeles wrong?; "for a Californian, leaving his car means leaving his own humanity,"

Cartoons from the Arab World : http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/ArabCartoons.htm

"The foremost cartographers of the land have prepared this for you. It's a map of the area that you'll be traversing." (The map is completely blank.)"They'd be very grateful if you could just fill it in as you go along." - Lord Melchett, one of the Queen's courtiers hands a map as Blackadder sets off on his journey. Via http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?BlackaddersMap

Now listed here : http://library.uta.edu/gis/gisNews.jsp?cat=User%20and%20Developer%20Blogs

"Take one step away from yourself- and behold!- the path!" - Abu Said
"One day you're going to look at yourself, your life and your ways, and you're going to see that your every idiosyncrasy, quirk, folly and so called fault, were among your greatest assets." - TU
"The best things in life are nearest. Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you." - Robert Louis Stevenson

02 August 2006

MAPPING THE HOLOCAUST : http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/focus/maps/
Via http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22mapsthatchangedhistory%22&prssweb=Search&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz2&x=wrt

Crossing the Line between Mapping and Map Making
: http://chinabone.lth.bclub.org.uk/~saul/docs/texts/couo_pilot_1up.pdf Mappings are multidimensional, fictitious and experimental. Via http://www.google.com/search?q=%22artistic+mapping%22&hl=en&lr=&start=20&sa=N

Origami: A New Data Visualization Tool
: http://widit.slis.indiana.edu/irpub/KDD/1999/pdf58.pdf

Image Zoom : http://imagezoom.yellowgorilla.net/install/install.html?old=0.0.0&new=0.2 integrates into your (Firefox) browser in a such way that you may not know about all the features that it provides.

About Artistic Techniques of Mapping : http://www.iaekb-flensburg.de/diss-heil-en.98.html

Knowledge Map Game : http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ClickHereForKnowledgeMapGame

MapLink page : http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/charisse/maps.html

Since 1979, Ars Electronica : http://www.aec.at/en/festival2005/programm/hybrid_lowres.pdf has been dedicated to the critical discussion of and reflection upon media culture.

...attacks, related news story, photo and blog locations using Microsoft’s Live Local : http://truthlaidbear.com/mideastcrisis_map.php Via http://ccablog.blogspot.com/2006/07/israel-lebanon-maps-2.html

In The Belly Of A Paradox : http://www.pendlehill.org/resources/files/pdf%20files/php224b.pdf (View as HTML )

Israel accuses college prof. of spying : http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/politics/4074538.html Falah is known in academic circles for his writings on the borders of Israel and a future Palestinian state.

"There is no way to satirize a map. It keeps telling you where you are. And if you're not there, you're lost. Everything is reduced to meaning. A map may lie, but it never jokes." - Howard McCord, Listening to Maps
"Drawing is "going for a walk with a line." - Paul Klee (1879-1940), Swiss painter and graphic artist ( See Bauhaus ).
"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will themselves not be realized." - Daniel Burnham (visionary architect of Chicago)
“Military conflict has two dimensions, winning wars and winning the peace. We excel in the first, but without an equal focus on the second, combat victories can be lost.” - Samuel Berger and Brent Scowcroft (former presidential national security advisors). Via http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/05winter/record.htm