31 August 2009

Create your own Facebook Network Map

Cubescape : app for creating isometric pixel art-esque images

(Alexander's) Architectural Pattern Language

Cubist Revolt and the Fourth Dimension

Disqus : http://www.disqus.com/ is a powerful comment system that enhances the discussion on websites.

Internship and Fellowship programs. provide up-and-coming multidisciplinary practitioners a unique opportunity to discover new paradigms for viewing and using information.

Flickr Shuts Down Forum Discussion On Obama-Joker Image

What's the difference between Limited Edition prints and "normal" prints?

Top Tracks
of the 2000s

(Video) Researcher argues that aging is merely a curable disease.

"You're the 1 In a 11110100001001000000" - slyfoot
"You pick your destination, hoist up your sail, make minor adjustments while the journey is underway, and let the wind do all the hard work." - TU
"There is a power in everything; it is the job of the artist to determine it and express it." - Mencius (372-289BC, follower of Confucius, 551-479BC)
"Who has time for a thousand words?" - Bootsy Haller, photographer
"I love it when there’s a revelation in art, when you see things you have not seen before, connections that you make yourself..." - Jeff Koons

28 August 2009

(Art Institute of Chicago Uses Technology For) Interactive Floor Plans and Wayfinding

(GameDev.Net Discussion Forums) Tile map questions

A comprehensive mind map of mind mapping software

What is a Pattern Language

"Book of the Century: Fuller's Tetrascroll" (Fairy Tale Geometry) (Image)

"Betrayal of Images" (by Rene Magritte)

HootSuite service to schedule your tweets.


(Video) Band in a Box

Should re-watch the 1979 film "Being There“ ( with "Chance the Gardener” played by Peter Sellers)

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke
"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention." - Francis Bacon, author, philosopher and the father of inductive reasoning
."Take hold lightly; let go lightly. (This is one of the great secrets of felicity in love.) " - Spanish Proverb
"Traditionally complex and cluttered Renaissance compositions bumbling with voluptuous pulchritude offered a mind-bending challenge to painterly technicians." - Robert Genn
"All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root in our personal experience." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

27 August 2009

The Parsons Institute for Information Mapping (PIIM) is a one-of-a-kind Research, Development, and Professional Services facility leveraging Knowledge Visualization to solve real-world problems.

(Summary) eLearning Market Via

Knowledge Management Tweets : http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23km

The Mind-Mapping Wiki

(Meetup Group ) WebMapSocial

(Poem) The Blind Men and the Elephant (John Godfrey Saxe)

Jeff Koons (on his Serpentine show, his inspirations and how his studio system works)

(Arcade Fire song) Wake Up

Two States or Apartheid?

Added as a Flickr contact

"If Art is a language, do we know the alphabet?" -
"The real reason so many have trouble with the baby steps, doing all they can, with what they've got, from where they are, no matter how humble or seemingly futile -- is because they haven't yet grasped that the baby steps trigger unseen forces that throw wide the floodgates of unstoppable momentum, infinite abundance, and eternal life." - The Universe
"Better to be without logic than without feeling." - Charlotte Bronte
"I am a symbol that a reinvention can happen at any age." - Claire Cook, author
"Begin; to begin is half the work. Let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished." - Decimus Magnus Ausonius, a professor and Greco-Roman poet, born about 310 A.D. Via

26 August 2009

(Interactive Timeline) http://datavis.ca/milestones/ Graphic overview of the events in the history of data visualization.

(Omey Island Map) Art (off the west coast of Ireland)

Hexiamond Tessellations

(Spring Symposium) Cognitive Shape Processing (Stanford University, March 22-24, 2010)

Digital Literacy’ do we jettison the term or rescue it?

No Royal Road to Geometry?

(Moved) On-line Picasso Project : PICASSO.SHSU.EDU


(Amazon discussion) History of the Palestinian Nation?

(Definition Wikipedia) "Crowdsourcing" is a neologism? for the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people or community in the form of an open call.

"Books are hindrances to persisting stupidity." - Spanish Proverb
"One of the trickiest things about life, is that, at times, it happens so slowly. (Yet... if... it... happened... any... faster... you'd... already... have... everything... you... ever... wanted... without... learning... to... enjoy... the... ride.)" - The Universe
"Doing one thing at a time." - Zen Master (defining the essence of Zen)
"The only new thing in the world is the history you don't know." - Harry S Truman Via
"The fourth dimension and non-Euclidean geometry emerge as among the most important themes unifying much of modern art and theory." - Linda Henderson, Art historian

25 August 2009

(Border Studies) Attempts to resolve the enclaves (As seen on Google Maps) Via

Google "map" Books

City of Edmonton Archive (25,000+ Photos)

(On-line Seminars) Visual Journeys : Using visual thinking techniques for personal, and professional development

Significant questions about the barriers facing emerging artists.

(Movie Trailer) The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Ivey Alumni Association / Toronto

"Wondering how else you could view life when things are already going really well, is the sign of a spiritual rock star." - The Universe
"...winning artists also seemed hardwired to having the most fun." - Robert Genn
"I think that there is no such thing as a fictional map; there are only fictional places. (And it may even be that there are no true maps, only real places.") - Urban Hermit (at 10:41 PM on November 6, 2006)
"Adversity introduces a man to himself."- Unknown
"It is the essence of genius to make use of the simplest ideas." - Charles Peguy

24 August 2009

Geometry of Multidimensional Universes

Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer

Chicago Public Art Map allows people to view and learn about public art installations all over the city on one handy Google map.

Mapping L.A. neighborhoods

Geographic anomaly -border kinks and folds back on itself for a few kilometers (downstream?), then heads due north again.

(Now On Flickr) United States National Archives

Cartophilia: Maps and Map Memorabilia

Servants of the Map: Stories (by Andrea Barrett - Fiction - 2003 - 272 pages)

Chinese conceptual artist, architect, photographer, and curator

(Visit Report) City of Jerusalem

"...for every mortal step you take, another cog in a giant wheel behind the curtains of time and space advances, and with it, 10,000 new possibilities." - The Universe
"Another possibility is that evolution selected creativity in general as a marker of sexual fitness." - Daniel J. Levitin
"Every perceived pattern is dynamic." - Rudolf Arnheim
"Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century." - Perelman
"I have wandered all my life, and I have traveled; the difference between the two is this: we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment." - Hilaire Belloc

21 August 2009

(Video) Geospatial Revolution Project (about the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact).

Structures of Multidimensional Cubes

Visualization of four dimensional objects (Javascript lets you manipulate four dimensional shapes within a Web browser)

5D Hall-Of-Insanity

http://maptogether.org/ provides free map-related training and tools for community and nonprofit groups around the world.

What would the world look like if all separatists won?

TimeLine Map (day in the life of a designer)

(Interview) Dérive Edmonton: a psychogeographic exploration of the city. Brochure

(Book) Spaceland Notes worked with while writing 'Spaceland: A Novel of the Fourth Dimension'

http://sketchory.com/ : 250,000 Sketches

"In the evenness that describes so much of life, humanity craves the bump of novelty." - Robert Genn
"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not yet understood.” - Henry Miller
"I think that the constant study of maps is apt to disturb men’s reasoning powers." - Lord Salisbury
"There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity." - General Douglas MacArthur
"A painter paints pictures on canvas, but musicians paint their pictures on silence." - Stokowski

20 August 2009

http://seadragon.com/ you can point Seadragon to any image on the Web, and get a zoomable viewer. Via

(Interactive) Stereoscopic Hypercube Slicer (ever poked a 4-dimensional cube through our space?) Move the slider with mouse.

How about 10-D?

Map Essays

(Book) on map/geography geeks (coming soon?)

Ways to Archive Your Tweets

René Descartes of the modern school of mathematics.

Creative Fakery

(Class) Contemporary Painting and Illustration

"The Role of Artists and Scientists In Times of War"

"Nobody has ever noticed a place except at a time, or a time except at a place." - Hermann Minkowski, Russian mathematician Via
"Meaningful learning involves the assimilation of new concepts and propositions into existing cognitive structures." - Joe Novak
"It's virtually impossible to forget when someone suddenly, unexpectedly, in a big way, gives you a gift wanting nothing in return. (Huh?) Knowing this could come in handy, should you ever want to irrevocably rock someone's world." - The Universe
"Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible." - Paul Klee

19 August 2009

The Tesseract (interactive Java applet)

Geometry in Space (Overview)

Mash your ideas and media together with friends in a dynamic whiteboard wiki : http://notaland.com/about

Space Reading instead of Speed Reading

We will call these imaginary borders between dimensions as interdimensional surfaces or zero-points

(Paperback) The Drawing Book A Survey of the Primary Means of Expression

Art and War

Can Jazz Be Saved?

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

TTC Call

"I don't believe in an art that is not born out of man's need to open his heart." - Edvard Munch
"... a tipping point will be reached, stars will be realigned, and new acquaintances will start insisting, "I don't know why, but you look really familiar..." (because their inner eyes already see the legend you are to become)." - The Universe
"Give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself.” - Robert Louis Stevenson
"Why are the pictures square if the lens is round?" - Via
"It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others." - Andrew J. Holmes

18 August 2009

Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube

Mathematics for a New Grid System

Marathon Course Map to be available as souvenir art poster for purchase.


(Book Review) A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram

How Psychological Distance Affects Creativity

Crowd Message Pixel Generator

http://globalexchange.org/tours/966.html or http://www.interfaithpeacebuilders.org/del32/

(Re/definitions) :
Car*tog"ra*phy (?), n. [Cf. F. cartographie. See Card, and -graphy.] The act or business of forming charts or maps.
c*ART"og*ra*phy (?), n. [Cf. F. cartographie. See Card, and -graphy.] The act of using art principles to develop information mapping technologies.

Example : http://www.rudyrucker.com/paintings/paintingnotes.pdf

"Whenever anything is being accomplished, it is being done, I have learned, by a monomaniac with a mission.” - Peter Drucker
"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katherine Hepburn
"Dinosaur fossils were placed in rocks by prankster God just to make human beings think the world is older than it is." - Bill Hicks (comedian)
"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton
"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" - Via

17 August 2009

CogSpace : http://www.cogspace.net/ is a navigable 3D conceptual model of the knowledge domains (of Cognitive Science and Consciousness Studies)

The Ten Dimensions of Reality

(Annimation) of a cube rotating in four dimensions (Click to see) .

(iPhone) Old Map App

Relationship between Hexagrams of the Chinese I Ching

Art Is Our Unheralded Weapon In Today's Global Struggle of Ideas

(Definition) "M-theory" is a term used as a placeholder for something that has not really been formulated yet.

Edmonton Calls

The National Gallery is giving a starring role to forgeries and classification blunders with a new exhibition next summer.

Nortel Networks Corp. moves closer to disappearing.

"Once integrated with a painting, real objects cease to be natural things, they are assimilated by the structure. " - Juan Gris
"If we all did things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas Edison
"Only in America is it that people think that safety is enhanced by having an increasing number of guns." - Greg Proops (comedian)
"We have the strongest opinions on the things that we have the least knowledge of." - David Thomas
"Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself." - C. G. Jung

14 August 2009

Triangular, Hexagonal Grids, Geometry, Computations : http://www.visionbib.com/bibliography/twod288.html

Sony open sources digital effects software

Maps: More in Demand, But Less Understood?

The Landscape Metaphor

(Videos) String theory is radically changing our ideas about the nature of space, opening up the possibility that extra dimensions, (rips in the fabric of space, and parallel universes) actually exist.

Effective? confusing sign

(Symphony No. 5) Graphical score animation

Visual Essays

Radiohead's Peace Anthem

Art Escort Service organizes a different kind of rendez-vous for its clients - with artists. They share their expertise, show art lovers the city's hot spots, and open up their private studios.

"That's not writing; that's calligraphy." - Middle Age Sage
"The average person thinks he isn't." - Father Larry Lorenzoni
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - John Hughes (Director, Ferris Bueller)
"The knowledge at which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal." - Plato (Republic)
"I start where the last man left off." - Thomas Edison

13 August 2009

(Definition) "Stack-diagram" : rather than trying to deal with surrounding rooms / planes as they exist in physical reality, attempts to manage the planes by picturing representations of the planes lined up separately in a chart-like fashion.

Classical problem of understanding the meaning of dimensions

The place where you ask questions about everyday science

(Umberto Eco essay) in How to Travel with a Salmon named "On the Impossibility of Drawing a Map of the Empire on a Scale of 1 to 1."

Fonts, letters and symbols

Marketplace for creative services (post your project, watch the world submit ideas and choose the one you like)

The Architecture of Fun

Comparing Hindu philosophy and science to Western Science.

Visual inspiration : http://yayeveryday.com/art

Included here (#102)

"When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event." - Robert Pirsig ('Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance')
"If we all did things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." - Thomas Edison
"There cannot be an edge or any type of end to the Universe. Any wall will always have something on the other side." - Via
"He was caught in a no win situation ,and he chose the wrong option." - The Phillips report
"No man will work for your interests unless they are his." - David Seabury (American psychologist, 1885-1960)

12 August 2009

(YouTube) - INFINITE webs ZOOMS

Geoweb Map Interactive Internet GIS Map Applications

The Titanic (wreck location)

The Rhombic Dodecahedron (and its relationship to the 4-dimensional hypercube).

Shadows from Higher Dimensions

(Interview) Solving Problems with Pictures (with Dan Roam)

Units /Constants (Dimensions / measurements)

The Internet as Art (In the digital age, the medium is the new message.)

New Blogger Tag Cloud

Artists have a duty to dissent

"The best ideas are the ones that just pop into your head when you least expect it." - Ana Bagayan, illustrator
"A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a master of pattern."- GH Hardy (Mathematician)
"The only bird that doesn't get a worm, is the bird that doesn't go out to get one." - TU
"If the world was five-dimensional, rather than three, we would not be able to understand it." - Graeme Halford, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland Via
"You want to quiet the noise in your head to solidify that fragile germ of an idea." - Dr. Jung-Beeman (at Northwestern) Via

11 August 2009

(Test Drive) a perspective map : Sit back and watch or dive in and drag the view (try holding down the zoom plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to see the new smooth continuous zoom).

(The Charles Close) Society for the Study of Ordnance Survey Maps

(Concepts) Tetrahedron : http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Tetrahedron.html

(Interactive) "Tube" SiteMap

(Song) Map Of The World As We Know It Via

Idea Generation Methods

(Book) Different ways in which text has been used by contemporary artists

(15 amazing videos of Spike Jonze including) “Where The Wild Things Are”


(Definition) "Rebus" (Latin: "by things") is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it — but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor." - Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)
"The Grand Unified Field might be a geometric problem." - Via
"I have gathered a garland of other men’s flowers, and nothing is mine but the cord that binds them." -Michel de Montaigne
"I disagree that the 'signatures' of the extended dimensions 'requires' that there be one temporal and three spatial." - Kevin O'Brien (20 JAN 99)
"I will act as if what I do will make a difference.” - William James

10 August 2009

A visual language that describes the interrelationships between the elementary particles (both known and hypothesized).

Google Map Marker Carpet

(Augmented maps) Map/Territory (?)

A Four Dimensional Maze

(Over 5000) "Map" questions answered

Virtual Worlds May Be the Future Setting of Scientific Collaboration

(10 Social Bookmarking Websites) for Non-Stop Visual Inspiration

REM sleep improves creativity

Focus Your Business Instincts to Suit the Rhythms of Your Art

Vandalist features some of the most interesting street art and graffiti .

"It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that." - G.H. Hardy
"No one smokes in church, no matter how addicted." - Richard Farson
"Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It squeezes the phrase of an author, makes use of his expression, erases a false idea, replaces it with a right idea." - Lautréamont, Poésies II Via
"Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow." - Funkadelic
"A most general help to discovery in all kinds of philosophical inquiry is, to attempt to compare the working of nature, in that particular which is under examination, to as many various mechanical and intelligible ways of operations, as the mind is furnished with." - Robert Hooke ('Geometricall and mechanicall and philosophick algebra')

07 August 2009

"Dimensionality" : http://invisiblecollege.blogspot.com/2004_12_01_archive.html

Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects - visualized!

(Book) Rhumb Lines and Map Wars

A Wandering Mind Heads Straight Toward Insight

Showcasing ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world : http://www.woostercollective.com/

(Art) "Map" by Jasper Johns

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." - Jonathan Swift, (Irish Author)
"Either this is madness or it is Hell.""It is neither," calmly replied the voice of the Sphere, "it is Knowledge."-Flatland
"The more challenging your life story has been so far, the bigger the goose bumps for future generations who retell it to their kids." - The Universe
"When I was young, I believed in expression. … I wanted to express everything. … Now I … no longer believe in expression. I only believe in allusion." - Jorge Luis Borges
"I’ve spent something like 17 years working on a theory for which there is essentially no direct experimental support." - Brian Greene Via

06 August 2009

Where is Eqypt (again)?

Symbolic Gestures (National Park Service images)

The Truncations

How Does One Obtain the Ability to "See" in Four Spatial Dimensions?

Graphics editing is praised for making people look their best (and dissed for setting the bar too high).

http://www.nula.cc/ is the source of a ser­ies of file­casts, each con­sist­ing of an as­semb­lage of sounds, im­ages, or words, made avail­ab­le for down­load, shar­ing, com­men­tary, and fur­ther man­i­pu­la­tion.

) Self-organized criticality : “Disorderly genius: How chaos drives the brain”

Whose Art Is It, Anyway? (there can be no prohibition on copying works that are in the public domain).

Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet

(The original book) " Flatland: A romance of many dimensions" by Edwin A. Abbott (1838-1926)

"Wealth is above all an accumulation of possibilities." - Gabriel Zaid, Mexican Author
"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict." ~ William Channing (1780-1842), Founder of the American Unitarian Association, 1825
"Playing make-believe is always the start of believing." - The Universe
"An intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius––and a lot of courage––to move in the opposite direction." - E. F. Schumacher (Via)
"Here's a good rule of thumb; Too clever is dumb." - Ogden Nash

05 August 2009

(Mapping Service) http://www.schmap.com/picks : browse opinions for trending local restaurants and bars from fellow Twitter users.

(Map Curators’ Group Workshop) From paper to screen: Putting maps on the web

Settlement Maps

(Wiki) Map Room - Indiana Jones

Survival of Information Timeline : Chronological and Thematic Database on the History of Information and Media (From Cave Paintings to the Internet)

Barriers to knowledge transfer

Amazon Secretly Removes "1984" From the Kindle

The great Renaissance art cover-up : creating artworks purely to hide and cover over secret paintings.

Sculpture / Installation

(Definition) "dual graph" of a given planar graph G is a graph which has a vertex for each plane region of G, and an edge for each edge in G joining two neighboring regions, for a certain embedding of G.

"The mind loves labels because it then “thinks” it “knows”". - mindmapdrawer
"If you can just remember where this is all going, no road will be too bumpy, no night will be too lonely, and no price will seem too great." - The Universe
"There are one hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground." - Rumi
"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius." - Arthur Conan Doyle Sr.
"We do our best work when we don’t know what we’re doing." - John Cage

04 August 2009

Mapping the fourth plinth : Can you do something with this data? Post your visualisations and mash-ups on Flickr group

Twittered "Maps" : http://tweetmeme.com/search/media/image?q=%23map

(Tetrahedron) Merkaba Star

Mapping the human brain "connectome"

Inforgraphic : http://stripgenerator.com/

(Book by Glaser published in 2008 and of course designed by him too) uses his own drawings to show how art can be a form of meditation. Via

Science Tattoos (gallery)

(Collaboration Opportunity) Metal Arts Guild

(XKCD Comic Strip) 'Google Maps Have Hired Me'

YYYs - Heads Will Roll (remix)

"... a bold early statement is often key to a stronger work. Later and lesser strokes become just grace-notes to the greater theme. We're noticing how valuable are the early gestures--cursory, generous, thick and large--the strong and wrong." - Robert Genn
"This is the beginning of the second half." - Keith Richards, 1989
"The future is a hundred thousand threads, but the past is a fabric that can never be rewoven." -Orson Scott Card, Xenocide
"Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives." - Carlos Casteneda
"There is no such thing as a long piece of work, except one that you dare not start." - Charles Baudelaire