23 December 2011

Famous Curves Index

Mapping life: intersection of art and science

City Lights Seen From Space Reveal How Countries Change

(PDF) Art and Cartography (C. D’Ignazio, The Institute for Infinitely Small Things, 2009)   Via

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

The iPod (Changed Computing Forever. Now It) Will Disappear

(Book Review) The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal, 1941–1960

"Media projects of the future will be cheaper to build, faster to market, less staffed with expensive marketers and more focused on creating free media that earns enough attention to pay for itself with limited patronage." - Seth Godin
"The light is getting brighter. The path is getting clearer. And you are getting closer." - The Universe
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." - Henry David Thoreau
"The contemporary art audience, having had a century of flotsam and jetsam flung at them, think that [super-realism] is miraculous stuff." - Sharon Knettell
"All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions." - Leonardo da Vinci

21 December 2011

Map of Paris: Visualizing Urban Transportation

Google Zeitgeist  (The Most Popular Search Terms in 2011)

Science Tattoos

Augmented-Reality Apps (that Don't Exist but Should)

10 New Google Analytics Features You Need to Start Using

Digital Christmas Story


What cannabis actually does to your brain

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play." - Abraham Maslow
"Young souls use pain to learn how things are. Mature souls use pain to learn how else things might be. And old souls use pain to learn how else they might be." - The Universe
" I never put on a pair of shoes until I've worn them at least five years." - Samuel Goldwyn
"A map … is a more ancient and inevitable thing than any masterpiece." - R.B. Wild (after Joseph Brodsky)
"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing." - Samuel Butler

19 December 2011

Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine (by John Speed)  is one of the world’s great cartographic treasures.

(Now Available Online) 23 Beautiful Old Texts

Stonehenge Reveals New Clues

Unusual places that can be found on maps that just don’t seem to make sense (State highpoints, non-contiguous boundaries, latitude/longitude confluences, and other trivial geographic facts...)

What’s it like to participate as a remixer?

Cowbird : keep a beautiful audio-visual diary of your life


"When God created the world she was playing." - Ernst Lurker
"What if you're already doing everything right, even though you're not sure? And the surprises along the way have only sped things up, even though it felt like they slowed you down? And all that you want is now barreling towards you, even though you can't see it? And when it arrives it'll exceed your every expectation, even though your dreams were huge?" - The Universe
" It is brains that see art and it is brains that make art." - Semir Zeki, a neuroscientist at University College London.  Via
"...collage...the art form of the twentieth century, never mind the twenty-first." - Jonathon Lethem
"You've got to take the bitter with the sour." - Samuel Goldwyn

16 December 2011

IT Audit Map

Can Google (Facebook, tech wonks, and Web activists) kill the Stop Online Piracy Act?

(Video of) immune cells attacking the pancreas  Via

New world of (digital) art and collecting  : http://www.seditionart.com   Via

(Performance Art) http://www.ikatun.org/kanarinka/erase-the-border/ Erase the Border

Blogrolled at http://toponymia.wordpress.com/

Even If You're Old You Can Learn New Tricks With Really Freaking Hard Work

"Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous." - Plato
"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." - Willa Sibert Cather
"Detours, challenges, and crisis are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you." - The Universe
"The small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify we give the name of knowledge." - Ambrose Bierce
"He's comfortable on the yellow brick road and seldom feels the need to get to Oz." - Robert Genn

15 December 2011

Map of the Great Wall of China

Visualization in Mathematics:


Walls and fences

Why I am a Net Artist

(Definition)  "Design science“ : the effective application of the principles of science to the conscious design of our total environment in order to help make the Earth’s finite resources meet the needs of all of humanity (without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet).

(Alex Leitch) The Laser Cutting expert + leader of Site3

"Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge." - Leonardo da Vinci
"It's good clean wholesome work that startles many collectors with the artists' patience and loving attention to detail." - Robert Genn
"Having a dream is more important than having it come true." - The Universe
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." - Churchill
"Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? - James Thurber

14 December 2011

(Map) Nuclear Power

(Artist) http://kennethsnelson.net/category/tensegrity/tensegrity

PowerPoint Vs Dance 

Tetrascroll. Goldilocks and the three bears ( Model )designed by: Buckminster Fuller  (process

(Artshow) Finding Antarctica: Mapping the last Continent, features about 100 rare maps spanning 2000 years of fascination with ''the Great Southern Land''.

Collagist Interview

Toronto Design Offsite festival (TO DO) : http://todesignoffsite.com/about/  exhibitions and events during Toronto design week.
"Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett:
"Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing" - Victor Hugo
"Taking massive action on massive dreams amidst massive uncertainties, is pretty much where everyone had to start (And then things got way easier)." - The Universe
"There's no place like:  34N 8' 25.40", 117W 58' 5.36" if you can't be at:  48N 6' 59.9" 122W 59' 54.2" - drjuice@uw.edu
"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

12 December 2011

(Live Blog)  Visualizing Mathematics in the YouTube Era

Securing Nebulous Privacy Rights in the Cloud

(App Store) Photo / Video apps   in iTunes

Artist turns animal animations into unpredictable visual form  (Video)

http://photojojo.com/timecapsule/43694834@N00/2011-12-1 timecapsule/43694834@N00/2011-12-1

(Definition) "Pathography" - a narrative that gives voice and face to the illness experience. It puts the person behind the disease in the forefront (and as such is a great learning opportunity for all care givers and fellow sufferers).


"Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo (I detest the common crowd, and I rebuff them). - Latin
"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Cicero
"If you're at least visualizing enough to wonder whether or not you're doing it right, you're doing it right, and you're way, way ahead of the game." - The Universe
"Brilliant finishes can often be had among the 'possible' and the 'borderline'." - Robert Genn
"Certain defects are necessary for the existence of individuality." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

08 December 2011

Terminal Maps. http://www.torontopearson.com/TerminalListing.aspx

Proofs and Pictures: The Role of Visualization in Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning 

(Sculptor); http://www.rinusroelofs.nl/sculpture/sculpture-00.html

Are artists cheaters?  (also in the Economist and Time

(Exhibition) Cartography and Migration in Networked Space

The Beauty of Incorrect Answers

OPPORTUNITES FOR ARTISTS : http://www.artadvice.com/blog/2011/11/15/updated-links-opportunites-for-artists/

(Animation) Antarctic's hidden world revealed

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein
"People are tired of simple things. They want to be challenged." - Umberto Eco
"Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom." - Will Duran
"Every good hike brings you eventually back home" - Edward Abbey
"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt

05 December 2011

Mapping as a conceptual framework to improve our understating of narratives.

Tensegrity Program : http://www.math.cornell.edu/~tens/pro.html  

The Banff International Research Station (BIRS) addresses the imperatives of collaborative and cross-disciplinary research with a focus on the mathematical sciences and their vast array of applications in the sciences and in industry.

(Video) DropBox (cloud service?)

The Surprising Discovery About Twitter Retweets

(46 second video) Steve Jobs on changing the world

Creative Ways to Use Your Instagram Photos

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing." - Samuel Butler
"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true." - James Branch Cabell
"You must do what's important first." - Steven Pressfield, 'The War of Art'
"Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance." - Plato
"There's nothing challenging that has ever happened in your life, that one day you won't look back upon with deep gratitude." - TU

02 December 2011

(Free Video Lecture) Great Thin-Shell Structures

CRTC limits radio stations' use of musical montages
Bathsheba Grossman makes mathematical sculptures. ( http://www.bathsheba.com/ )

Visually I wanted to show multiple images/points of view that would still "read" as a whole;

How do I know that my tracking code is installed correctly?
(Software) Perfect Resize

Cut Paper Projects

"Nelle azioni di tutti li uomini,e massime de'principi, dove non e iudizio da reclamare, si guarda al fine." - Niccolo Machiavelli  (In the actions of all men, and especially princes, when there is no judge to refer to, consider the means)
"...if you are afraid that 'showing your true colors' limits your influence, you are mistaken. Done right, it actually amplifies influence." - "Be Slightly Evil" mailing list
"If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature." - Bruce Barton
"Whatever you have to say, say it with love. And whatever you have to hear, hear it with love." - The Universe
"The method of our time is to use not a single but multiple models for exploration." - Maniere universelle de M. Desargues, illustration from a perspective book, an engraving by Abraham Bosse"( in Marshall McLuhan - Quentin Fiore 'The Medium is the Massage', page 69)

30 November 2011

(Example) 3D Campus Map

(The New York Times)  posted this great map showing the location of more than 400 New York City start-ups

The Anatomy of an Experience Map

The Art|Sci Center is dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolving “Third Culture” by facilitating the infinite potential of collaborations between (media) arts and (bio/nano) sciences.

(HOW TO)  Create a 3D Lego chalk drawing

Oldest Human Painting Found


"Think of and look at your work as though it were done by your enemy. If you look at it to admire it, you are lost." - Samuel Butler
"Shapes like the square, the triangle and the circle are basic building blocks of human thinking." - Cecil Balmond
"Ever wish for do-over days? You know, hit the reset button and give 'er another shot? Cool. Will today work? ( It's never too late). - The Universe
"What's the big deal with Occupy Wall Street?   There's been Occupy Palestine for years." - Anonymous 
"You can fool just about anyone, but the easiest one to fool is yourself." - Richard Feynman

28 November 2011

(Map) The UnFacebook World  (A mashup of two popular maps reveals the parts of the world connected by electricity but not by Facebook).


(Digital) http://blog.nula.cc/collage

How Humor Helps Our Brains Pay Attention

Math Art : http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/graphcp.html

How Weird Al Yankovic Comes Up With His Song Parodies


"Do you know how most people get jobs they love? They first loved the job they had, and everyone noticed. (And I do mean everyone)." - The Universe
"Ideas, like leaves, can wither and fall, but in doing so, become the mulch in which new ideas grow." - Bly
"... the best way to reach people was to paint a superstar." - Maqbool Fida Husain
"New media are new archetypes, at first disguised as degradations of older media." - Marshall McLuhan
"Optimism is a source of high-risk thinking." - Daniel Kahneman

25 November 2011

Famous thought experiments explained quickly http://m.wimp.com/thoughtexperiments/

Scientific artist http://www.visualnews.com/

Art of Mapping at Air Gallery : http://greatwen.com/2011/11/23/art-of-mapping-at-air-gallery/

You can make your own Flickr alias. (BUT, You only get ONE SHOT at it, so choose carefully! )

The Neverending Story (Of iPad Apps)


How to Fascinate

"It is very depressing to see the lack of interest shown in an art object which has no market value." -Claude Monet
"There's a time for speed and there's a time to go slow, and the evolved artist knows when." - Robert Genn
"..ancient mariners believed it was bad luck to always sail with the same crew.( Was it because they could learn little new by covering the same territory with the same people?)" - Xenia Stanford
"Free labour and rampant exploitation are the invisible dark matter that keeps the cultural sector going." - Hito Steyerl, (Politics of Art: Contemporary Art and the Transition to Post-Democracy)
"Any new technology is an evolutionary and biological mutation opening doors of perception and new spheres of action to mankind." - Marshall McLuhan  Via

23 November 2011

The perfect hexagon

(U.of T.) Campus Map

FAQ's about the MobileMe transition (and iCloud)

The Importance of Mind-Wandering

(Definition) "Rogue waves" : the huge waves that routinely sink ships at sea, are made of many, many small waves that come together to form a gargantuan wave.

iPod font :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:IPod_Myriad.svg

(Review) Who Makes The Best Photo Books?

"...every conflict, disappointment, struggle or challenge, with others or yourself, is merely a manifestation of what's going on within your own thinking." - TU
"Take pains and pleasure in copying the best works by the hands of great masters." - Cennino Cennini (1370-1440)
"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
"I worked for a menial's hire
 Only to learn dismayed
, That any wage I had asked of life 
Life would have willing paid." - Jessie B. Rittenhouse
 (found in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, p.40)
"Pessimists are optimists with better information." - Robert Genn

21 November 2011

Nonlinear Physics Group Papers : http://www.physics.utoronto.ca/~nonlin/papers.html

The Micro-Politics of the Counter Cartographies Collective

(Show) http://www.optics.utoronto.ca/thenextdimension

(Appropriation Artist) Carey Young (born 1970) is a visual artist who incorporates a variety of media such as video, photography, performative events and installation into her works, which investigate the increasing incorporation of the personal and public domains into the realm of the commercial.

(Discussion)  Co-op Galleries

(Band) http://www.myspace.com/mashalltheband

Truths About Drinking Water

"The very most that you now dream of having, doing, and being, will be the very least that you get." - TU
"You're on earth. There's no cure for that." - Samuel Beckett
"Why do all our rules address absolutes (which are typically the exceptions)?" - R.B.Wild
“To dare: that is the whole secret of revolutions.” - Antoine Saint-Just
"The wisest men follow their own direction." - Euripides

18 November 2011

Topography of Faith

Maps and Pictures of Europe :  http://www.euratlas.orghttp://www.euratlas.org//

Our "divided brain" - an animated tutorial.
(Artist) Mark Rothko:  http://www.nga.gov/feature/rothko/classic1.shtm

(Book) The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Modern Life by Robert Trivers.

Create a Google+ Arts page

Texting our way to isolation ; urging a refocus on human interaction

"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you." - Saint Augustine
"For sale: baby shoes, never worn." - E. Hemingway
"Every fortune, gold medal, and trophy...Every comeback, triumph, and celebration...And every kiss, hug, and hand held, ... Were first a thought, a whisper, or a dream." - The Universe
"History proves that juries in art are generally wrong." - Robert Henri
"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.." - Napoleon Hill (born in 1883)

16 November 2011

Fractal Production of Value: Transitioning From Real to Digital Value Structures

Math Manipulatives contains resources that enable students to interact online

El (Eleazar) Lissitzky (1890-1941) was a vital force in the revolutionary period in Russia (having first trained in engineering and architecture and later becoming a painter and illustrator, his creative activity ranged across disciplines).

The Devil Really Is In The Details Of This Giotto

The Coalition For Quebec's Future (Quebec's newest political party) is making a symbolic statement with its logo, a mish-mash of colours that borrows freely from the emblems of existing parties.

Face-mounted plexi supplier : http://www.peplusimaging.com/about

Why Do People Eat Too Much?

"Next time you feel fear, either right after a major decision or just before one, it usually means you're exactly where you need to be." - The Universe

"There is a right physical size for every idea." - Henry Moore
"A flute with no holes is not a flute, and a doughnut without a hole is a danish." - Basha, zen philosopher  Via
"Never trusted the guy giving out free hugs. Always went with the dude that charged $2." - Josh Comers
"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." - Steve Jobs

14 November 2011

Map of Twitter's Languages

Wayfinding Voices to Follow on Twitter

(On Youtube) Terry Jones' Great Map Mystery ."ex-Python sets out on a series of journeys through Wales following the world's first road atlas: John Ogilby's Britannia, published in 1675." ( four-part television documentary series first broadcast on BBC Two Wales in 2008)


(Online Course)  Art vs Law: An Inherent Conflict?

7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?

Goodwill Industries Now Offering Online Auctions

"Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting." - Goethe
"The future you see is the future you get." - Robert G. Allen
"No matter how much money or love you've made or lost, you can still make more." - The Universe
"'I never read; I just look at pictures." - Warhol
"Any ideal system is its own worst enemy, and as soon as you start to implement visions of grandeur, they just fall apart and turn into tyranny." -(Ben Nicholson

11 November 2011


Seeing 3D Pictures (without glasses) - Understand Where to Aim Your Eyes

(Definition) The Crooked Path : 'It's a little path made by its users, without a plan, in order to do something that the usual administration could not or did not do – so there's a slight trace of disobedience or independence – people may do things that we can't predict.' - Jeff Wall   Via

Demographics Are Not Destiny (?)


Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X

http://socialmediaweek.org/  13-17 February 2012

"I think of art, at its most significant, as a DEW line, a Distant Early Warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it.” - Marshall McLuhan  Via
"Sometimes when you've had a difficult day, or met difficult people, been let down, disappointed, or heartbroken, it's easy to completely forget the most important thing of all... you're alive. Without even trying." - The Universe
"There are some things that have great value but no glitter. Consistent...long-suffering, patient, industrious, good-humoured, unswervingly loyal, he made an enormous contribution to our well-being." - Tribute to Ernest Wild by Alexander Stevens (chief scientist on the Ross Sea party)
"Rather than making a decision to get on with something, merely bump into opportunities." - Robert Genn
"The more power science and technology confer upon us, the more dangerous and malevolent that power may become, unless its use is checked and guided by moral obligations stemming from our philosophical knowledge of how we ought to conduct our lives and our society." - Mortimer Adler (THE QUESTIONS SCIENCE CANNOT ANSWER)

09 November 2011

Symmetry Video:

Central Park Entire, The Definitive Illustrated Map


Unique optical illusions

Map Art Show

Ian Hunter Lyrics

Death and Gravestone Symbolism

"Information Is Cheap, Meaning Is Expensive." - George Dyson   Via
"Space station astronauts see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets every day." - Via
"smART Maps are ideas made visible." - R.B.Wild (after Kahlil Gibran )
"Surrealism allows one to thrive beyond the restraints of the laws that govern." - Russell Jodway, Surrealist
"...secret of creating a corporate commission lies in “thinking like a construction worker.” - Danielle Julian Norton  Via

07 November 2011

Native North American Map-making  (.pdf)

Mathematicians To Thank For Great Graphics

What shape are your squares?

3D Fractal Collection

Further adventures in opticality (with David Hockney)  Via

Cape Farewell project : bringing artists, writers, filmmakers and climate scientists together to collectively address and find a creative engagement with the world’s climate challenge.

Arty Bollocks Generator (Do you hate having to write your artist statement?)

"Until a painting is sold it is just a storage problem." - Jason's gallery artist
"Most think that perception works a lot like a flashlight in the dark, illuminating whatever it's aimed at. The truth, however, is that instead of revealing what's there, it creates it." - The Universe
""God has a bias to the Underdog.." - Dr. Carl Trueman (Sermon on 1 Corinthians 10:1-33)
"When I collage, the sea roars. The others splash about in the bath." - R.B. Wild (after Salvador Dali)
"Space is not a passive vacuum, but has properties that impose powerful constraints on any structure that inhabits it." - Arthur Loeb  Via

03 November 2011

Are these maps, cartograms, or mere infographics?  (maps here)

Hexagons and triangles

(First two volumes of) the History of Cartography (in PDF format)

(McLuhanism) “brushing information against information” (explored)

RSA (Animation) Film Competition


A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs

"Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets." -Oscar Wilde
"Ask not what's inside your head, but what your head's inside of." - J.J.Gibson
"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." - John Muir
"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." - Melody Beattie
"All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind." - Martin H. Fischer

01 November 2011

Folding Space: Kaleidoscopic Fractals

Dymaxion projection in OpenLayers

Best Abstract on a Scientific Paper Ever?

Listing of the artworld’s most powerful figures : http://www.artreview100.com/

(Definition) "effect effect" : reduce whatever you're talking about to a single, italicized phrase/

By instantly capturing complete light field data, the Lytro gives you capabilities you've never had in a regular camera.

10 Collagists given the same material to work with

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity." - Melody Beattie
"Brave enough to think differently, Bold enough to believe he could change the world, and Talented enough to do it." - Obama of Jobs
"The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it." - Colin Wilson
"Paintings are sold when they're painted, not when they're sold." - One of Genn's old friends
"Sometimes, being your true radiant self, living in the moment, glad for all you already have and who you already are isn't always easy." - The Universe

28 October 2011

Science Museum Arts Projects

Paper Polyhedra 

Antique Maps and Globes

Scher started painting maps because it forces her to have patience, a trait she lacks in daily life

Vaughan City Hall

Why we’re preoccupied with being occupied

(Video) Final Moments

"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picaso
"If the Sun and Moon should doubt, They’d immediately Go out." - William Blake, Auguries of Innocence
"No man drowns if he perseveres in praying to God – and can swim." - Russian Proverb
"...what you can't yet see is that all of the hallways beyond all of the doorways eventually lead to the same great room, in the same great house, with the same great party. (So, may as well pick the one you want? Huh?)." - The Universe
"Trust me, I lie about everything." - S.Michaelson

26 October 2011

Vertical Panorama Map

Minimal Surfaces are the most economical connections between loops or lines in 3-d space.

The mashup has gone mainstream

(Animation)  The Divided Brain 

Why Invent An Artist, Or A Movement? 

(LA artshows) http://pacificstandardtime.org/exhibitions (Review)

2012 Prophecies

"As people serve well, so are they grateful. As people are grateful, so do they serve well." - Robert Genn
"The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream." - Jack Kerouac
"It may be excellent work … but is it doing any good?" - Via
"I’ll remember a very good phrase that never made it anywhere and I rephrase it." - Twyla Tharp, legendary choreographer
"Only through art has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love." - R.B. Wild (after George Bernard Shaw)

24 October 2011


(Definition) "Droste Effect" : depicts a smaller version of itself in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This smaller version then depicts an even smaller version of itself in the same place, and so on (in heraldry is termed 'mise en abyme'). Example

The mess of Knowledge Management groups on LinkedIn

Scientists bend nanowires into 3-D structures

Screw Viral Videos

Modern Day "Shakleton Recruiting Ad"

(Video) Law of Attraction in Action  Via

"... when your thoughts become things, and your dreams start coming true, they invariably bring along with them totally unexpected, life-changing manifestations that just blow your mind ..." - The Universe
"To be in touch with creativity on a daily, even hourly, basis may just happen to edge yourself closer to divinity." - Robert Genn
"The best creatives think, 'Go big or go home.' If they are going to go to the trouble of writing a book, preparing a speech, or recording an album, they might as well make the biggest impact they can." - Michael Hyatt
"The great artist is a slave to his ideals." - Christian Nestell Bovee
"He was not merely a wild man; he was part of the wild, one with untameable elements of life; in his veins ran the blood of the wolf-pack; in his brain lurked the brooding depths of the northern night; his heart throbbed with the fire of blazing forests." - Robert E. Howard, Excerpt from 'Black Colossus'

19 October 2011

(An Introduction to) The fascinating patterns of Visual Math

Cytoscape is an open source software platform for visualizing complex networks (and integrating these with any type of attribute data).

(UWO) Centre for Brain and Mind

Brands can make the most of Twitter’s new image galleries

"Data composting" Researcher works on temporal-informatics which is the study of the change of information—and our consumption of it—over time.

(Definition) "Honeycomb" : Google's platform which is the tablet version of the Android operating system.

(Video) Surrealist artist, Matthew Rose, who explains the concept behind his latest collage work

9/11 Technical Video

"Creativity requires an incubation period, people need time to soak in a problem and let the ideas bubble up." - Teresa Amabile
"In art the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can inspire." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"There comes a time when silence is betrayal." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
"Always have a dream that is longer than a lifetime." - Jack Layton
"Don't get so busy that you miss which you seek." - R.B. Wild

17 October 2011

(Interactive Mind Map) Fields of Mathematics

Crystal Lattice*Structures


The Johnny Cash Project:: A unique take on crowdsourcing

Wild World of Pop-Art Montage

Our brains like newness too (things that surprise and deviate from an expected pattern).

(Collagist) Tony Fitzpatrick

"A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image." - Author Unknown
"Decide to be happy, and the world will beat a path to your door." - TU
"An erasure is a creative mark." - Melanie Circle
"The artist's world is limitless It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep." - Paul Strand
"To reduce uncertainty, subconsciously rejecting a creative idea may be easier than accepting it." - Via

14 October 2011

Leaf to plane morph

Interactive Digital World Map

Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Petrie's survey by triangulation of the three major pyramids at Giza

3D Mandelbulb

Colourgenics Artists:
Bryan Bolan, Shaun Downey. Derek Evans, Paul Eekhoff, Alex Fischer, Anthony Koutras, Virginia Lee, Adam Makarenko. Alex Mcleod..Doug Matsumura, Meaghan Ogilvie, Michelle Quance, David Suddaby, Ronald Tsang

(Visible Only From Above) Mystifying 'Nazca Lines' Discovered in Mideast

"The 11th hour has the same 60 minutes as the rest of them." - R.B.Wild
"Art can take flight in an odd but active monastery.." - Robert Genn
“I like a view but I like to sit with my back turned to it.”- Gertrude Stein<
"Depending upon others to live 'unselfishly' is still depending upon others." - TU 

"Only that day dawns to which we are awake." - Thoreau

12 October 2011

Visualizing Crime - A “Data Rose” Blooms

Make Your Own Map to Make Novel Connections

Border mapping awareness: responsabilities and tension  Via

Sierpinski fractal zoom

(Definition) "polyptych" : an arrangement of four or more panels (as of a painting) usually hinged and folding together
Abstract map to a coffee shop?: tumblr.com/xua4zm2myk

How to Prepare for a Black Swan (Disrupter analysis can help assess the risks of future catastrophic events).

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain
"To get into the Rapid Prototyping spirit, first try something you know won't work." - R.B.Wild
"First, there must be a connection made in the unseen. Second, there must be a leap in the physical." - TU
" The higher you get professionally, the longer it takes before anyone notices you're not doing anything important." - Adam Owen

07 October 2011

Pollock's Fractals : That isn't just a lot of splattered paint on those canvases, it's good mathematics

Instagram -  Snap a photo, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever.

Humans are hardwired to get a pleasure buzz from uncertainty

Create an animated GIF

Twitter Short Codes

Diptychs and;Triptychs 
(AGO) Artist-in-Residence Program

" In my humble studio one hears the constant click, click, click of production." - R.B.Wild
"I like to live like a poor man with lots of money." - Picasso
"We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing." - Maria Mitchell
"I'm a content guy, I guess, in both sense." -Adam Owen.
"Not only is everyone beautiful in their own way, but everyone is beautiful to someone else as well." - The Universe

05 October 2011

The 10 dimensional space and our hexagonal world

MindMap of Academic Disciplines : an image-centered diagram that represents connections between branches of knowledge.


Interesting things to make out of paper—from mathematical models to toys.

Give your blog a fresh new look and make it easier for readers to explore it with Dynamic Views

Projection (Art Submission Guidelines)

The birth of the Bloor Viaduct

"There is no such thing as a good painting about nothing". - Mark Rothko
"... Or would they begin thinking things they've never thought before, saying things they've never said before, and doing things they've never done before?" - The Universe
"It's not worth doing if it doesn't make you nervous." - Nadja Sayej @ArtStars
"A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image." - Author Unknown
"Following your bliss is a socially responsible task." - Taylor Jane Green

03 October 2011

SightSpace 3D: A SketchUp iPad Viewer with AR

The Future Of Infographics 

Does Quantum Math Explain How The Mind Works?

Timelines of History

Robert (Bob) Connelly is a mathematician specializing in discrete geometry and rigidity theory. He is best known for discovering embedded flexible polyhedra (one such polyhedron is in the National Museum of American History. ).Example

A Twitter -based organization: http://www.twestival.com/info.html

Multi-media Artist : http://www.matthewcatalano.com/pb/wp_3f97239d/wp_3f97239d.html

"A patch which demands sacrifice is a true path.". -Paulo Coelho
"The easiest thing in the world is to criticize. The hardest is to do the work worthy of criticism." - Robin Sharma
"Next to being witty, the best thing is being able to quote another's wit." - Christian Nestell Bovee
"Nifty isn't it, how in life you don't even have to know how you got where you are, in order to get where you want to go." - The Universe
"Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one's chosen form. - Stephen Nachmanovitch

30 September 2011

CFC Media Lab Struts Its Stuff at the Bata Shoe Museum for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Autodesk’s SketchBook IPhone Application Brings Surge of Users (Buy)

Hex Grid Design (in Processing)

Make your own GigaPans with the low-cost GigaPan Epic (tripod attachment)

(Infographic) http://www.intel.com/communities/pix/other/Newsroom_UK_InternetOfThings_1024x1448.jpg

City Mad Dash's Smartphone Scavenger Hunt blends the tried-and-true fun of scavenger hunts with advances in mobile technology, resulting in a heart-pounding team building experience.

A privilege to be listed here with Sher, Lombardi, Turner, and Schiller

Possible next US show (?) : http://www.graciesquareartshow.info/

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confuscius
"We're all here because we're not all there." - Saskatchewan Residents
"...the more proficient one becomes at navigating the ship of their dreams, the more they leave the navigating to me (and the smoother the sailing)." - The Universe
"When something happens it's instantaneous, when nothing happens it takes forever." - R.B.Wild
"He who does not know can become knowledgeable from learning; while he who thinks he knows and ceases to continue to learn will stagnate." - Translation of The Akan Africans symbol for Knowledge; 'Nea Onnim'

28 September 2011

Adventures in Geometrical Intuition

Linden Lab can't turn Second Life into an engaging digital experience

Opinion Cloud

Top 10 Geography Mistakes in Movies

[VIDEO] White Blood Cell Chasing Bacteria

Make a Journal With Photos for Pages


"Lead us in peace…Grant us serene passage, until we arrive at our destination… Rescue us from the hand of every foe and ambush along the way…and from all afflictions that visit and trouble the world." - The Traveller’s Prayer
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Nelle azioni di tutti li uomini , e massime de'principi, dove non e iudizio da reclamare, si guarda al fine." - Niccolo Machiavelli
"...those who are religious, cling, whereas those who are spiritual, seek (but it's the happy folks who know how to live)." - The Universe
"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness." - Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata

26 September 2011

Golden Rectangle Zoom

(Map) American Enclaves : interactive application considers an enclave as any census tract where the proportion of Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, or White Americans is far greater than the national average

Core Subject Taxonomy for Mathematical Sciences Education (NSDL)


Yale Digital Content

As people we want to know as much as possible about the artist who produced the work.

The celebrity blog post that started it all for him.

"Anyone can get stuff but it usually takes an old soul to choose their stuff wisely." - TU
"The revolution will be remixed." - Yuri Almeida
"Human beings are of two classes: those whose work is work and whose pleasure is pleasure; and those whose work and pleasure are one." - Winston Churchill
"The secret of being a bore is to tell everything." - Voltaire
"Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

23 September 2011

Informative Map Illustrations

The Concept of Scale

Inkling (the new offering from interactive pen makers Wacom) while you sketch on paper, your idea goes digital.

(Podcast) Iconic Geometry (Listen now )Link
Font Popularity In The Internet Age

(Video) How we got stuck in perpetual copyright

Scientific Artist : Julie René de Cotret

"We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - Martin Luther King
"True life mastery is more a function of knowing what to want, than knowing how to get what you want." - The Universe
"If you don't already love my maps, there's nothing I can say. If you do love them, there's nothing I need say." - R.B. Wild
"By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he's too old to go anywhere." - Billy Crystal
"The hidden harmony is better than the obvious." - Pablo Picasso

21 September 2011

(Documentary) "The Man Who Saved Geometry"

(WTF?) National Profanity Map

Computer Vision research groups

Great Arts for Great Science

The Dada Anti-Art Movement

Art Basel 2011


"When an old pond gets a new frog, it’s a new pond." - Via
"... we are very sensitive to where we are in horizontal space but only vaguely aware of how high we are." - Professor Kate Jeffery, lead author from UCL Psychology and Language Sciences Via
"Lady if you gotta ask, you ain't got it." - Fats Waller, Musician (when asked to explain rhythm)
"When a person is prepared to receive something, a series of accidents takes place." - Irving Sandler
"(Some feelings and even) some thoughts are too deep for words and have to be seen to be believed." - Clive Barnes

19 September 2011

(Bonnitta Roy) The Map, the Gap, and the Territory

(Definition) "Nexialist" : One skilled in the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields (term coined by A E van Vogt in his novel “Voyage of the space beagle”).


Graphic Design Guidelines (to break)

Blog-rolled Here

(Nuit Blanche) CFC Media Lab's "Technological Displacement"

(Con Artist) Mark Kostabi

"A word means what I intend it to mean, no more, no less." - The Mad Hatter
"You don't need a parachute to skydive. You need a parachute to skydive twice." - Gack
"A Discoverer is an Explorer who go lost." - R.B. Wild
"If you’re being a magnet, you are attracting the people who are naturally drawn to you. You are being authentic, and you are fulfilling your own purpose." - Laurie Cameron
"Reality is big, but your dreams are bigger." - The Universe

16 September 2011

Reflections on the Mnd

(Definition) "The College of Mythic Cartography" : exists wherever Peers gather to tell meaningful Story about their relationship with the Land.

(Various Fractal Types and) Categories of 'Chaos'

Find Way : Art in the Information Age

Jorge Luis Borges : famed Argentinian author known for his works that explored dreams and unreality

One of the readers of this blog (?)

We are quite confident there will not be finding of work for hire

"Spontaneity is the right mind tossing out a suggestion, it is up to the left mind to determine it’s practicality." - el Loco Gringo
"Don’t just tell people your story, show them." - Via
"Two of the most important questions for all aspiring rock stars are: How big do you want to be? and What are you now doing about it?" - TU
"Paint like you were never going to have to show anything to anyone." - R.B. Wild
"When everything starts getting crazy, that’s when you really get busy..." - Via

14 September 2011

City of Neighbourhoods (has a web/mobileDigital Map RFP)

In a crowdfunding project, the donors are no less valuable than the project creators.

African Fractals

What does it mean to +1 something?

(Art Show) Uncharted Territory: Subjective Mapping by Artists and Cartographers

Gaudí was part of the art nouveau movement – or modernisme, as it's known in Catalunya – he was also a revolutionary structural engineer

The Pony Express

Better question, why did WTC 7 collapse?

"...one study claims that up to 80% of the human brain is wired just to interpret and remember visual data." - Via
"You decide what you want, physically move in its direction and I'll 'send in the clowns'." - TU
"Every age has their artists to forge the way into the next, to pierce through all our convenient truths into uncharted territory." - Via
"I still think science is looking for answers, and art is looking for questions" - Marc Quinn
"You are young yet‥but the time will arrive when you will learn to judge for yourself. ‥Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see." - E. A. Poe (in Graham's Mag. Nov. 1945)

12 September 2011

Ruminations on the Borderlands of Cartography

Interactive Map of Last.fm Artists

When two tribes meet: collaborations between artists and scientists

(Draft paper) Intellectual Property’s Great Fallacy

How to make a regular hexagon out of square paper

Digital technology allows us to tell tales in innovative new ways

Evolution trumps revolution : Big ideas poke their noses into the world very slowly, easing gradually into view.

What happens at a Design Jam?

(Opening) "RETHINKING ART & MACHINE" : RAM showcases the work of pioneer artists who have addressed the relationship between art and electronic technology, light, graphics, robots, and virtual reality dating back to the 1960's (September 15, 2011 - January 22, 2012).

(Video) Why Did the Towers Fall?

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun, And makes gaps even two can pass abreast." - Robert Frost, from "Mending Wall
"To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle." - George Orwell
"Gratefulness is the great task, the how of our spiritual work, because, rightly understood, it re-roots us."- David Steindl-Rast
"Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps." - Emo Philips
"I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain." - Google

08 September 2011

Defending Android

The International Boundary Commission (Treaty Interpretation)

Perhaps the Oldest Map in the World

(Data visualization) : Information Designer helps designers think like programmers (and vice versa).

The Elusive Big Idea is actually not dependent on big media

"Postmodernism" : what was it? And what comes next?

(New Album) Tom Waits "Bad As Me"

The Focal Point Debate: Should Every Painting Have a Focal Point?

"It might be that gratefulness is the very basis of an evolved creative life, and a life well lived." - Robert Genn
“Technology has taken a long time to get to the point where video makers can sample with the same abandon as musicians and still image makers." - Dick Whyte (presents a screening of recent avant-garde films he has curated from YouTube. All of them re-purpose existing material into new works)
"To what extremes would you go, to bring about your heart's fondest wishes, to manifest your greatest desires, and to live your boldest dreams? (OMG - Did you just say visualize daily and take baby steps?!)" - The Universe
"Why think about that when all the golden land’s ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see? - Jack Kerouac
"Best advice I got when starting out: nobody has a job for you; everybody has a problem to solve." - Howard Rheingold

06 September 2011

Botched Interface Market

Google’s Attack on the Patent System

Vimeo Video School

The Arctic may be the world's next geopolitical battleground

(Definition) "Hylozoism" : the philosophical conjecture that all or some material things possess life, or that all life is inseparable from matter.


(Nuit Blanche Alternative) http://lesruesdesrefuses.com/2011-event-guide

"The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it." - Banksy Via
"Generosity and gratitude turn good into great (Thank you, you're welcome)." - The Universe
"For nearly two decades, he toiled in his studio painting and drawing without forethought or expectation, without plan or picture in his head, producing a storm of art that slowly increased in complexity and quality." - Via
"Art is anything you can get away with." - Marshall McLuhan
"If you see something you have seen before, don't click the shutter." -Alexey Brodovitch