04 January 2005

Is this skin over/under map layers ? http://www.24fun.com/downloadcenter/utilmapzoomer/utilmapzoomer2.html

The Intranet Roadmap does more than just indicate what activities need to be conducted, it clearly shows the sequence of activities required, and the techniques that will help at every stage of the project. : http://steptwo.com.au/products/roadmap/

Wu-Wei: A uniquely Taoist concept is wu-wei, non-action. This does not mean no action, but rather not exceeding spontaneous action that accords with needs as they naturally arise; not indulging in calculated action and not acting so as to exceed the very minimum required for effective results.
This is not 'doing without doing' it is simply 'doing'. To use Wu Wei is to have a kind of Taoist patience - it is to allow things to unfold in their own way, in their own time. This does not imply a complete lack of energy expenditure - just a recognition of the flow and cycles of the world around us. Acting at the appropriate
time with the appropriate amount of force is the key
. By appreciating at a more subtle level what is happening around him, holding onto nothing, and acting with simplicity the Taoist can flow with the Tao, and will always be in the right place at the right time. The Taoist master becomes like the Tao itself - he does nothing, yet nothing is not done....Our contemporary expression, "going with the flow," is a direct expression of this fundamental Taoist principle, which in its most basic form refers to behavior occurring in response to the flow of the Tao...We develop and trust our intuition as our direct connection to the Tao...Wu-wei also implies action that is spontaneous, natural, and effortless...Chuang Tzu refers to this type of being in the world as flowing, or more poetically (and provocatively), as "purposeless wandering!" To allow oneself to "wander without purpose" can be frightening because it challenges some of our most basic assumptions about life, about who we are as humans, and about our role in the world. .. And finally, in the words of Chuang Tzu, we learn "detachment, forgetfulness of results, and abandonment of all hope of profit." Thus it is that without moving you shall know, without looking you shall see, without doing you shall achieve. By http://members.aol.com/MrSage365/Taoist.html

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