20 January 2005

Aesthetic Approaches to HCI : http://www.usabilitynews.com/news/article2174.asp

Microsoft Research Site Map : http://research.microsoft.com/library/toolbar/3.0/sitemap/en-us.mspx
"Visualization" interview with Senior Researcher and Group Manager Visualization and Interaction Research Group at Microsoft Research (Mary Czerwinski) : http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/interviews/v6i1czerwinski.html

Thinking Differently About Site Mapping and Navigation : http://www.7nights.com/asterisk/archive/2005/01/thinking-differently-about-site-mapping-and-navigation

Flash menu/map : http://www.conservationeconomy.net/pattern_map/flash/index.htm

Hand-drawn treasure maps show what non-cartographers think is important : http://www.thelostdutchmangoldmine.com/smaps/?menu=9&PHPSESSID=95eff3f8e3465e4d31ba216dd5a61af2 (for 60 examples)

Map Links : From http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/thematic.html#other.html : Middle East Polar/Oceans Historical Thematic Map Dealers Other Map Sites: Map Sites Country Map Sites Historical Map Sites Outline Map Sites Route Planning Sites
(from http://www.byronit.com/other.htm): Map Collections 1500-1999 Live World WebCams GlobeExplorer Maps Index Eartha Maps Round Earth, Flat Maps Maps and Map Skills Online World Atlas Atlas Query MultiMap Maporama David Rumsey Maps MapTech MapServer Topozone ... US based : Mappa Mundi National Geographic Map Machine Outline Maps Cartographic Materials UN Cartographic Section Maps in the News The Map Guide! Topographic Map Symbols Map Libraries The Great Globe Gallery Map Forum ... Antique maps : Globe Server Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century The World of Maps Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views Maps of the Roman Empire National Atlas of the USA TerraServer LOC Geography & Map Reading Room Map Collection Round Earth - Flat Maps Atlas of Great Britain on the Web Maps and References Maps On Us ...USA : National Geographic Atlas Mathematics of Cartography MapBlast! Graphic Maps National Geographic Map Machine Mapquest World Map Viewer

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