21 January 2005

Online (single layer) ArcIMS Viewer example : http://maps.s4.brown.edu/website/searchmap/viewer.htm

Map Gallery source : http://www.directionsmag.com/mapgallery/?MapId=152

"The Map as Saviour. Usefulness and Disadvantages of mapping: the case of The Ultimate Atlas of the 21st Century" from Carlos Betancourth is published in Archis #2 2004 and on the website of Archis http://www.archis.org/

"... the most important part of map creation is the distinctly human decision of what the map needs to 'say' - what data should be integrated, or left out, or reconfigured.... With every map you draw a conclusion ... But Ronald you also try to make a point with your maps. You also try to pick your arguments..." : http://www.archis.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23

Strategies that probable apply to map publishing as well : http://www.getpublished.com/globalintronotes

“There is no ‘try’—do, or do not.” - Yoda, Star Wars

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