24 August 2004

Making Maps Easy to Read : http://richardphillips.org.uk/maps/index.htm It is argued that all types of graphic information are different solutions to a common problem: the brain's limited capacity to store unprocessed information. http://richardphillips.org.uk/maps/map1989.pdf

Map of Creativity (Flash) interface : http://www.ngf.org.uk/map/map.html lists over 400 eLearning projects around the world. Note how rolling over words (labels) moves the "magnifying glass" over different circle of the Fibonacci-like interface http://www.ngf.org.uk/flash.htm.

Journal of Maps : http://journalofmaps.com/about.php?helpfile=smartyLinks.html

Weather Channel maps : http://uk.weather.com/maps/lifestyles/intlboatingandbeach/atlanticwaveheightfcst24hr_large.html

Cartography lists and groups : http://www.soc.org.uk/other/other.html

AllPosters 700 "map" hits : http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?aid=183801&search=map

"It's time to start living the lives we've imagined. " - Henry James

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