27 August 2004

Like a map(?)...viewers have the freedom to chart their own course through the artworks. Reading a DVD is nothing like reading a magazine, though, and sometimes the effort of re-cycling back to the main menu to browse the next project is a confusing, albeit liberating, enterprise. By demanding full reader engagement in this way, Chaise both proscribes an art experience (no flipping through ads while watching tv) and demands respect. From http://www.chaisemag.com/piece.php?id=4&image=3

Large historical photo database http://www.photos.blm.gov/his_imsearch.html (slow to search?)

Someone has just posted a new entry in your Bravenet Guestmap. You can read this entry by Viewing your Guestmap Service.

Trend away from source materials printed after 1923, unless you want to do a copyright search on them. The underlying rights may not belong to the publisher-- if you can even find the publisher in today's publishing environment-- and you'd be liable to the copyright holder, who may or may not be the creator. It's just easier & safer to stick with OLD original materials.

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