11 August 2004

In some cases, you don't need the whole Information of a Web page. Therefore, ContentSaver extends the shortcut menu of Internet Explorer. It gives you total freedom on exactly what you save so you can save only the information that is important and valuable to you. You can save entire web pages, or selected parts (snippets, images, URLs, etc.). There's also a nifty "save multiple pages" button that saves not just the page you're viewing, but all of the pages linked from that page, automatically, without the need to open each one individually in your browser. http://www.macropool.de/en/products/contentsaver_pro/screenshots.html

There is VB Active-X source code which handles the connection between the local app and the WebGIS map (show the maps in a HTML browser but control them from the local app). Source is on http://www.mapbender.org, just follow the download links.

"What's missing from most people's lives, is the realization that nothing is missing from their lives." - Ron Wild
(ie. you probably already have whatever you think you may be looking for)

"Great minds, by definition, don't think alike." - Ron Wild

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