30 May 2006

Travel-time Maps and their Uses : http://www.mysociety.org/2006/travel-time-maps/

CivicMaps Tile Engine : http://maps.civicactions.net/ (Javascript Tile Engine) An example Tile Query

Maps.Huge.Info Mapping Programs : http://maps.huge.info/ Via Google Maps API Tutorial : http://www.econym.demon.co.uk/googlemaps/index.htm

Mapping the (US) Political Blogosphere : http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~burgess/archives/000696.html Via : http://www.crookedtimber.org/2005/05/25/cross-ideological-conversations-among-bloggers

Explore Places, Photos and Trips : http://explorationage.com/cities/show/1613?visitors=1 (London).

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ : free, original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site.

A Hacker Manifesto (by McKenzie Wark) "Hackers create the possibility of new things entering the world. Not always great things, or even good things, but new things. In art, in science, in philosophy and culture, in any production of knowledge where data can be gathered, where information can be extracted from it, and where in that information new possibilities for the world produced, there are hackers hacking the new out of the old. Hackers create these new worlds, yet we do not possess them. That which we create is mortgaged to others, and to the interests of others, to states and corporations who monopolise the means for making worlds we alone discover. We do not own what we produce -- it owns us... http://www.purselipsquarejaw.org/2004_09_01_blogger_archives.php#109632081351516342 A Hacker Manifesto offers a systematic restatement of Marxist thought for the age of cyberspace and globalization. In the widespread revolt against commodified information, McKenzie Wark sees a utopian promise, beyond the property form, and a new progressive class, the hacker class, who voice a shared interest in a new information commons." Via http://uber.tv/envisioning/clippings/design/index.html

Popular Frappr map tags : http://www.frappr.com/?a=browse&type=views Most Views

Every hexagon map internally can just be seen as diamond/square map, where each square/diamond corresponds to exactly one hexagon http://allefant.sourceforge.net/awiki/HexMap Hexagons really are just diamonds/squares with corners cut away (discussed at http://www.happypenguin.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=509 )...With hexagons, there are 6 neighbors, and all equally share a common edge.

Worst of the Web : http://www.worstoftheweb.com/ Via http://askbobrankin.com/bad_stuff.html

Cartography has been defined as "the art, science and technology of making maps, together with their study as scientific documents and works of art."

"One way to defeat invisible limiting beliefs ( even ones you may not know you have), is to simply dream of a life so grand that they couldn't possibly make sense." - TU
"... assumes no responsibility, of course, for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the maps, and offers no guarantee that all who consult them will find tangible riches." - The Library of Congress
"Adversity is the state in which a man most easily becomes acquainted with himself, being especially free from admirers then." - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British Author, Lexicographer

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