02 May 2006

Honeycomb : http://www.hivegroup.com/cgi-google/handle_google.py (you can see all your results on one screen instead of seeing results one page at a time).

Here are some maps made by Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, and Jo Walsh (authors of 'Mapping Hacks'): http://www.mappinghacks.com/maps.shtml

xrefer : http://www.xrefer.com/research/index.jsp?term=Godel&map=0&x=0&y=0 new online concept Mapping tool.

Sat00gle : http://hbkr.jp/face/face.html (GoogleMap interface applied to image/hybrid overlays) . Via http://www.fluctuat.net/blog/cartographie (French) cartography / visualization blog.

Tree Visualization :

Web navigation is about moving forward : http://www.gerrymcgovern.com/nt/2006/nt-2006-04-02-web-navigation.htm Not.

"The Language of Graphics - A framework for the analysis of syntax and meaning in maps, charts and diagrams" : http://www.yuriweb.com/

Space-Filling Visualizations : http://www.research.ibm.com/visual/papers/158-wattenberg-final3.pdf

East Art Map : http://www.eastartmap.org/ http://www.eastartmap.org/ (wikish)

The Cafe Wall illusion : http://www.sandlotscience.com/Guided_Tours/Tour2/Tour2_7.htm shows how simple movement of black and white squares changes the way you see things. Via http://www.cmsdnet.net/alliance/maggioda/Illusions.htm

The Human Pixel Project : http://www.humanpixelproject.net/ is a collaborative art project.

"People told Columbus the world was flat. He didn't insist it was round... he got in a boat." - 3com ad
"Nothing is more useful to man than those arts which have no utility." - Ovid

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