19 May 2006

MapCruncher for Virtual Earth : http://research.microsoft.com/mapcruncher/

THREE DIMENSIONAL INTERACTIVE PICTORIAL MAPS : http://txspace.tamu.edu/bitstream/1969.1/1571/1/ [PDF]

(Circular) Website Traffic Map : http://designweenie.com/portfolio/index.php/page/140 formed by how the users travel through the site, illustrating its navigational flow. Via http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project.cfm?id=230

CSS/JavaScript Photo Caption Zoom : http://randsco.com/_miscPgs/cssZoom07.html

Teardowns (Interactive) Map : http://www.westportnow.com/index.php?/v2/teardowns/ Via : http://www.j-lab.org/cool_econ.shtml#westportia

The 30° isometric projection : http://www.compuphase.com/axometr.htm As it turns out, a line at 30 degrees (sine is 0.5) produces steps that are too irregular. A line at an angle where the tangent is 0.5 does have a nice regular pattern: two steps to the right, one step up tilts the x- and z-axes with approximately 27 degrees.

Still and moving image, audio, text, graphics, and interactive formats : http://scan.net.au/scan/gallery/gallery.html

Glimpses into the future of technology experiences : http://www.byz.org/cgi-bin/rbanks/mt-search.cgi?IncludeBlogs=4&search=map

How to make big prints with little printers : http://www.eyewoo.com/display.ezb.php?mnElm=28&which=2&direc=ezb.tutorials&noInit=0&u=7⊂=ezb.tutorials/tut_09/default.html&title=unused
I made a map of each rug – a kind of weave by number plan : http://angelarmsworks.com/karen/rugs.html and the rug makers in Nepal wove the designs by hand out of rich and wonderful wools.

"I do not ask to walk smooth paths nor bear an easy load.
I pray for strength and fortitude to climb the rock strewn road.
Give me such courage that I may scale the hardest peaks alone,
And transform every stumbling block into a stepping stone." - Gail Brook Burket
"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers,the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary." - Sir Cecil Beaton, portrait photographer
"In order to find One’s place in the infinity of being, One must be able both to separate and to unite." - I Ching

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