17 October 2005

Classics of Information Retrieval Visualization : http://people.lis.uiuc.edu/~twidale/irinterfaces/2classics.html

VisualComplexity.com intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks. "...visual language system that uses colour, shape, line, hierarchy and composition to communicate clearly and appropriately..." : http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/index.cfm Via : http://ccablog.blogspot.com/2005/10/visual-complexity.html

How to Develop Web Applications with Ajax (tutorial) : http://webreference.com/programming/javascript/jf/column12/index.html and http://www.webreference.com/programming/javascript/jf/column13/ from full list at http://www.webreference.com/programming/javascript/ Another list at http://javascript.about.com/

"...how small incremental innovation can snatch even non-mappers away from say, MapQuest." : http://blogs.zdnet.com/carroll/index.php?p=1499

MindMap shows complex friendship relationships using visual clues to describe whole communities of friends. : http://www.livejournal.com/community/weblogsociology/1788.html With most browsers, you can hover your mouse over names to see where some people live. People who have their own MindMaps have brackets around their names, which you can click to see. Example : http://www.livejournal.com/users/mollysaurus/154032.html

Austronesian Projection is a world map made by stitching projections of each continent from maps projected from above each continent (shows the reality of air travel times from Australia: ) : http://extra.schematron.com/world3b.jpg "Current common world maps do not reflect how the world seems to me, especially as a traveller from Australia: they place undue importance on the equator, the compass, and accurate depiction of oceanic distances; they relate to the age of sea travel not air and land travel."

InfoGraphics Seminar Handout :

"As a Learner, you're smart enough to know better, yet you're still not fully informed about reality. Around 15% of the population are Learners. You have the critical thinking skills to be a truly free individual, but you haven't exercised them enough yet... You are essentially unplugged, but still untrained. With more knowledge, you could become a true free thinker. ... You have always been an independent thinker. ... Increasingly, you shape your own world by deciding what actions to take based on your own internal drive rather than what society tells you is right." - http://www.newstarget.com/gullibility.asp

"Perhaps the growing number of contemporary Artists making 'Fantasy Maps' in the Western world will help bridge the gap." - Andrea McLean (andrea@slab.org)

'Be who you are
and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind". - Dr Suess

"The pursuit of dinaros as a means to anything, should always be secondary to the pursuit of that same thing." - TU
" I don't grow up. In me is the small child of my early days." - M.C.Escher

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