16 December 2004

The Labyrinth Project : A Research Initiative for Expanding the Visual Language of Interactive Narrative : http://www.annenberg.edu/labyrinth/press_photos2.html

"A labyrinth is a multicursal maze representing alternate paths to the source of being."

MindMapping Vs ConceptMapping : Here is a concept map and a mind map from the same set of concepts: http://wiki.conceptmapping.org/view/Discussion/MindMappingVsConceptMapping#foo_1.4

"The new information resources available via the Internet and in software applications present us with constantly mutating layerings of words and pictures. Do such media images act as supplements or “illustrations” to words, or vice versa? What relation lies between word and image, what are its claims, and how does it insert itself into our consciousness? : http://humanities.sas.upenn.edu/topics05.htm
... recently coined term) “word-and-image art” (=MAP?) ... what do they have in common with the illuminated manuscript, the emblem book, the cartoon, the comic strip, or film? How has the visual entered literary genres, how have words and texts changed the way we view and “read” art—historically, or in the present? ... the word-image opposition is linked to other strongly ideological binaries: masculinity versus femininity, time versus space, abstraction versus materiality, art versus nature. ...Romantic ideals of synthesis and recombination, the word-image relationship has been a continuous theme of literary and art historical thought.

Visualization is an interdisciplinary imaging science devoted to making the invisible visible through the techniques of experimental visualization and computer-aided visualization. : http://www.vsj.or.jp/dbe.html
Journal of Visualization

8'x10' interactive video Wall Map (integrating Flash with XML) : http://www.natecook.com/work/nrg_demo/demo.html

"I didn't think, I investigated." - Wilhelm Roentgen (acknowledged the discovery of a major landmark in modern life: the x-ray, in 1895)

"Don't confuse where you want to go, with how you're going to get there." - Ron Wild

Philosophical Quotations - Index: http://radicalacademy.com/philosophicalquotations.htm

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