28 October 2004

Use html ImageSwap to highlight (higher opacity, sepia--->color, ..?) possible menu choices (ala http://www.weiyew.com/home.html )

Icons (Stick Figure Warning Signs) bad? examples; http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/tbone/warningsigns/gallery.html they're a visual form of anticryptography, the science of conveying information without assuming any prior knowledge.

Script that allows you to conveniently zoom in and out of an image ;

METADATA; Why categorize? "The human brain is a wonderful information processor. We take in innumerable details with every glance, sound or touch. Yet we are seldom overwhelmed with the magnitude of the information we are processing. One reason that we are able to cope with so much input is that we categorize it all. We look for what is new, what is different, what has changed. Then we try to match the new information to the categories that already exist in our minds." - Susan Feldman (research VP, content technologies, IDC (idc.com), e-mail sfeldman@idc.com. , KMWorld Magazine)
www.kmworld.com/publications/magazine/index.cfm?action=readarticle&Article_ID=1890&Publication_ID=120 Browsing and searching are two different kinds of information seeking tasks, and both need to be accommodated in a good information access system.
A smart Spatial Navigation Engineer will focus on "desire lines”; these trails demonstrate how a site's users choose to move, which is often not on the paved paths. A smart designer will let wanderers create paths through use, and then pave the emerging walkways, ensuring optimal utility. http://www.adaptivepath.com/publications/essays/archives/000361.php

3D Web Research Network brings together some of Canada's finest institutions and researchers to explore critical issues in delivering and deploying three dimensional content over the Internet. http://3dweb.netera.ca/home.html

Following from http://www.informationdesign.org/ :

New data structures have emerged which may serve as alternative models for both the organization, and presentation, of hypertextual nodes and links. http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/9230/01/mSpace_zzStructures.pdf

The pre-Copernican view of the world; like the misguided early notion that the universe revolves around the earth, many business executives today still think that business revolves around companies. http://www.goodexperience.com/blog/archives/000075.php

Struggle often recognized between those humans who prefer to use knowledge to judge and those who use knowledge for ideation. ..Judgment is equal in importance to ideation, not superior to it in the context of innovation activity. As important as judgment is to design and to innovation, it is not more important than ideation. http://www.nextd.org/02/04/03/index.html (concept of ideation was adapted by Alex Osborn, the inventor of the ubiquitous brainstorming method, to describe one of the steps in his seven-part creative thinking model).

It is precisely the diversity of forms of theory that has huge potential within the new media... http://www.networkcultures.org/index.php?page=research&lang=en The Institute of Network Cultures (INC)
Navigating Innovation:Understanding the KaosPilots : http://www.nextd.org/02/04/01/index.html

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