13 October 2004

Making the Web visual : http://www.spy.co.uk/Communication/Talks/CSM/InfoViz/

Map metaphors for information spaces : http://maps.map.net/cat?ap=0;ms=10

Grouping principles apply to objects. There is a perceptual organisation of separate objects within a scene. Some visual elements become grouped, so that they seem to belong together and others appear separated from one another [Goldstein 1989, p 175]. www.cs.su.oz.au/~visual/publications/keithn/Chapter07_Thesis15.pdf These principles are;
Law of Simplicity : "Every stimulus pattern is seen in such a way that the resulting structure is as simple as possible."
Law of Familiarity : "Things are more likely to form groups if the groups appear familiar or meaningful."
Law of Similarity : "Similar things appear to be grouped together."
Law of Good Continuation : "Points that, when connected, result in straight or smoothly curving lines, are seen as belonging together, and the lines tend to be seen in such a way as to follow the smoothest path."
Law of Proximity : "Things that are near to each other appear to be grouped together".
Law of Common Fate : "Things that are moving in the same direction appear to be grouped together."
Law of Connectedness : "Things that are physically connected are perceived as a unit."

Electoral College cartogram : http://synapse.princeton.edu/~sam/ev_projection_current_map

Data Visualization Lectures : http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/kwb/VIS/lectures.html

MapMaker Resources : www.fontcraft.com font and art packages provide the fonts, textures and emblems for drawing floorplans and developing world and regional maps ,

Ben Shneiderman’s mantra ‘overview, zoom-in, details on demand’.

Awakening the throat chakra means; opening up communication, expressing ourselves freely and clearly, and claiming our power to speak the truth.

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. " - Carl Jung
"Nothing can be more useful to a man than the determination not to be hurried." - Henry David Thoreau, (1817-1862) American Author
"Dear God, do you draw the lines around the countries? If you don't, who does?" - Nathan
"Dear God, how come you did all those miracles in the old days and don't do any now?" - Billy
"Dear God, I am doing the best I can. Really." - Frank

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