01 September 2004

The work adapted these kinds of interpretations of time in all of the 12 graphic designs used for the calendar. Each design is a complete composition in itself, while it joins to forms a larger image when all twelve of them are arranged together. : http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/200408/kt2004083117240511700.htm

Name two things that both suck and blow. That's easy! A tornado. This website. Add comments here;
http://mrsun.us/2004/09/name-two-things-that-both-suck-and.html generating lots of traffic (but no click-through to other maps).

Trumpeter is a web dialogue content engine allowing users to comment, or add other dialogue to your online media: http://www.numericsolutions.com/trumpeter/

Ars Electronica t+25 timeline. You are welcome to post a prediction for the next 25 years here, year by year. Or you may vote on the predictions already posted. Anyone can write. Anyone can vote. http://www.aec.at/predictions/

A Net Art Idea Line; Mapping lines of thought through time: http://www.whitney.org/artport/commissions/idealine.shtml
Context for this work: net art catalogs and maps;
Rhizome Artbase extensive, detailed, up to date.
A timeline of net art by Natalie Bookchin, 1999.
Guggenheim Cyberatlas Many maps, 1998.
map.jodi.org after a network diagram, 1997.
Can I get on the Idea Line?Yes. You can send an e-mail with information about your projects to idealine@whitney.org.

Multi-user remote (camera) control project : http://demonstrate.berkeley.edu/project.php

"Genius ain't anything more than elegant common sense." - Josh Billings

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