22 September 2004

SVG (?) mapping example http://www.mapbureau.com/rdfmapper/2.0/m.fsp

The Future Of Search: Beyond The Horizon; The ability to peek inside multiple file formats and index the information that exists within is imperative for search success. Microsoft has already announced a new way to do this with their WinFS XML approach. As the Internet reaches out to include more forms of media and information, search must be able to translate, interpret and then point us to the right place.
Secondly, search has to become more intuitive and easier to use. It has to be better at anticipating what we're looking for, without depending on us to literally spell it out. It has to find what we want, before we might even know what it is we want. We need a search engine that understands us, with all our interests, biases and notions.

A photo map displays your images arranged by location instead of by time. With 93 Photo Street you can create gorgeous photo maps for the web without learning HTML or a complicated graphics program. http://transmutable.com/PhotoMaps/SkyscrapersOfSanFrancisco3/index.html
Using po-ups http://transmutable.com/PhotoMaps/SkyscrapersOfSanFrancisco5/index.html
Using frames(?) http://transmutable.com/PhotoMaps/SkyscrapersOfSanFrancisco4/index.html

Interesting dynamic zoom feature (for pdf file) using drag feature for in/out ;

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