30 September 2004

A Vivisimo (beta) implementation http://clusty.com doesn't seem to offer much visualizaton (yet?). Clusters are created dynamically by analyzing words in the text, url, and result snippet. These different views save you time finding the best results (what Valdes-Perez calls "selective ignorance" and also helps you see ideas and concepts that might go unnoticed otherwise. Unlike similar services that offer static images next to results, this "preview" version is live, and all of the links are hot.

Visual Thinking: Hundreds of sketchbooks in the Archives of American Art form a vast repository of ideas, perceptions, inspirational imagery, and graphic experiments. As personal records they afford an intimate glimpse of an artist's visual thinking and reveal aspects of their creative process. http://archivesofamericanart.si.edu/exhibits/sketchbk/sketchbk.htm

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