28 February 2014

Touch-Screen Subway Maps Are Great (Too Bad No One Seems To Be Using Them)

Gardiner Painted With Its Own Light In Prominent New Artwork

Vintage signage, graffiti, abandoned scrap yards and erosion in collaged paintings

DIY 'portfolio binding'



Guerrilla Marketing


Why Does the Brain Remember Dreams?

"Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work. And the belief that things will grow out of the activity itself and that you will — through work — bump into other possibilities and kick open other doors that you would never have dreamt of if you were just sitting around looking for a great ‘art idea.’" - Chuck Close
"... I told him he needed six items in his kit: time, space, series, media, books and desire." - Robert Genn
"A writer is a person whose skill is improved by a deadline." - Geist
"Start, stretch, reach, climb, go. Because just waiting for the magic... takes forever." - TU
"We derive more benefit from having our faults pointed out by our enemies than from hearing the opinions of friends." - Leonardo da Vinci

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