21 February 2014

(Map) American Dream

3D with some paint-over in Photoshop


Mashup artist Mighty Mike mashed-up two rock classics (that, on the surface, have nothing in common). 


What computers see when they watch movies

Exploring ideas is practically free, so why so few try it?



(Artist Profile) http://observer.com/1997/11/the-peculiar-steve-wheeler-was-indeed-the-real-thing/

"As seasoned artists have found out, if it works in black and white, it works." - Robert Genn
"Have you ever seen a mama duck waiting around for her ducklings to line up before crossing the street? Never. Because she knows that the only way her ducklings are ever going to line up is if she just goes!" - The Universe
"Allow dark times to season you." - Hafiz
"It is better to arm and strengthen your hero, than to disarm and enfeeble your foe." - Anne Brontë
"Is the act of getting attention a sufficient act for an artist? Or is that in fact the job description? " - Brian Eno

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