13 March 2006

Welcome to Ask.com Maps & Directions : http://maps.ask.com/maps (not powered by Google?)

Tools for creating hexagon based game maps : http://wargamer2.tripod.com/wargames/id4.html

Online GIS 'edutainment' : http://www.theshorthorn.com/new/archives/2006/spring/030306/n06.asp showed people how geographic information systems relate to real life.

Furtherfield.org : http://www.furtherfield.org/displayartists.php is an alternative platform for the promotion of new work, collaborating with independent visual artists, net artists, writers & thinkers, exploring new approaches to communicating ideas and issues in a range of digital & terrestrial media & contexts.

DataIsNature is a weblog of personal and recreational research : http://dataisnature.com/?page_id=146

1 - 900 - 870 - 6 235. = -8 004 (More about calculator.)

"For when a visible result is possible, it is improper to postulate an invisible one." - Mimamsa Paribhasa
"We emphasize the main characters and forget the accessory ones." - Friedrich Nietzsche
"When children play, they come…under the spell of absolute obligation, and under the shadow of the possibility that the game may be lost." - Hugo Rahner

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