10 March 2006

MapMuse : online example .

The Society for the History of Discoveries : http://www.sochistdisc.org/links.htm

Why doesn't my TagCloud ( http://www.joelamantia.com/blog/archives/cat_ideas.html) have a wider range of font sizes like : http://www.joelamantia.com/blog/archives/cat_urban_habitat_research.html (?)

"Every utterance is deficient – that is, we never manage to say entirely what we mean to say…Every utterance is exuberant – that is, our pronouncements always manifest much more than we intend." - Jose Ortega y Gasset
"What use is there in trafficking in something that, may be, should not be sold, especially when it does not sell?" - Stephane Mallarme
"Signs are instantaneous, ephemeral concentrations of force." - Jean-Francois Lyotard (http://www.stefanarteni.net/writings/Otherwhere_Otherwise/otherwhere.html)
"The ‘real world’…is replaced…by possible worlds, i.e. prefabricated selections from the ready made repertoire available to the culture." - Itamar Even-Zohar
“Sight best helps us to know things.” - Aristotle

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