09 November 2005

"Wayfinding" (user discussion) : http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/25137

Inside Google Sitemaps : http://sitemaps.blogspot.com/ About Google Sitemaps

Business Analytics Competitive MarketMap : http://www.sas.com/news/analysts/idc_marketmap.pdf (Figure 1 on pg 2 of PDF).

Conflict Cartography : http://www.viewcraft.com/pdfs/ViewCraft_ConflictCartographyMarch04.pdf

PGA Tour GreatnessMap : http://www.historyshots.com/PGA/ (Flash; to take a closer look at the print, move the magnifier box over the part of the image that you want to zoom in on and click. Use the triangle buttons to scroll to other parts of the image. Click anywhere on the image to zoom out).

Narnia Map : http://movies.aol.com/movie_exclusive_the_chronicles_of_narnia/map (tied-in with the upcoming movie 'The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe'). Flash

Interesting morphed grid patterns : http://www.shutterstock.com/s/squared/cat-p2.html?searchterm=squared&sortby=popular&

VECTOR CLIPART / EDITABLE & SCALABLE (EPS WMF) GRAPHICS : http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/graphics/graphicsclipartanimations/clipartgraphics/fileformats/vectorgraphics/vectorclipart.html
AllTheLogos.com (http://www.allthelogos.com/ ) : is an online database of logotypes and logo design; more than 90,000 companies and organizations brands logos, team sports logos, countries flags and insignia as well as signs, general usage logos and more.

'Googlewashing' Makes Your Site Invisible : http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/article.php/3560691

Have been "Furled" now too: http://www.furl.net/members/mikeking/mapping (one of 8 so far by this guy).

The Outsider : http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2005/intherealms/about.html Entirely self-taught in true "outsider" fashion, Darger developed his own methods and techniques according to his need to tell his story in ever larger and more detailed scenarios.

'No man is an island." - John Donne

"Learning to recognize maps, let alone learning to read them, is as difficult and unnatural as any other skill (including reading itself). And the mastery of that skill is clearly at least part of what gives members of this list so much pleasure. So no, everyone does not know a map when they see it, nor do they know it in the deeper sense of having some real knowledge -- if that were true, no one here would need to do the work they do." - Sylvia Tomasch Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center, New mailto:York990stomasch@honorscollege.cuny.edu

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