01 November 2005

Mashing eBay Motors and Google Maps using the the eBay Developers Program. (of the 32,189 passenger vehicles for sale on eBay Motors, find the ones you want closest to you) Still a work in progress : http://www.trachtenberg.com/emgm/

Visual Search : http://business2.blogs.com/business2blog/2005/10/visual_search.html ViewFour results come back with four little windowpanes that show snippets of the actual sites themselves.

Image Zoom functionality (requires Flash) : http://www.veer.com/zoom/

The 35 sexiest designed websites you've forgotten : http://philrenaud.com/?blog_id=57

Cartography as a Means of Knowing ; Traditionally map making is a craft in the service of knowledge, associated with issues of power, authority, geographic boundaries, and natural history lessons. Many contemporary artists use cartography-the tools, process, or imagery of mapping-to achieve non-traditional expressions. : http://www.lclark.edu/org/artslive/artistsandmaps.html

Now side-barred at http://mapzlibrarian.blogspot.com/ as one of the 'User & Developer Blogs' by GIS Librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Unusual Links About Peace (http://growabrain.typepad.com/growabrain/peace/index.html) and about War (http://growabrain.typepad.com/growabrain/war/index.html).

Don Quijote (Quixote)'s 400th anniversary Interactive Route Map:

"You are only here for a short visit---never hurry, never worry and always remember to smell the flowers along the way." - Walter Hagen
"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried." - Steven Wright

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