09 June 2004

Mind Mapping Resource Center; http://www.innovationtools.com/resources/mindmapping.asp

Short paper "Cybercartography : mapping in media art" by Peter Cho (UCLA, department of Design & Media Arts). It is an interesting
read; http://www.design.ucla.edu/~petercho/fall03/cybercartography.pdf

"The successful person is always seeking out the next area for growth, mapping out the next plan, working on the next idea, pursuing the next opportunity, looking for the next challenge, aiming at the next target."- Denis Waitley, from 'Timing is Everything'

"Visual brainstorming invigorates the imagination. Like a Zen painting that begins with a single brush stroke, these visual idea maps are spontaneous creations, snapshots of our associations of the moment. Breaking old patterns and devising new ones releases energy, and lets us see the world in a different way."- Tom Wujec, from 'The Five-Star Mind'

"You can't use an old map to see a new land."- Gary Hamel, in 'Leading the Revolution'

The road map to your destiny is in your heart, you don't need an off road vehicle to get there, just believe you know the road.- Elyse

When you have many visitors on your web site, it begins to resemble midtown Manhattan, and it's hard to get your eyes off the screen! Buildings resize and illuminate dynamically based on the number of people inside, their relative popularity, and how many visitors exited through them. Buses, taxis, and limos race around the streets; pedestrians walk across crosswalks; helicopters ply the air.

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Continue on ST ALBERT TRAIL - go 4.2 km
Continue on AB-2 - go 55.3 km
Head left on ramp - go 0.3 km
Head left on AB-18 - go 11.3 km
Turn right on AB-44 - go 21.1 km
Continue on AB-44/AB-661 - go 1.6 km
Continue on AB-44 - go 42.5 km
Continue on AB-44/AB-801 - go 1.6 km
Continue on AB-44 - go 39.3 km
Continue on AB-2 - go 42.5 km
Turn left on UNNAMED STREET - go 26.7 km
Arrive at the centre of ALBERTA

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