30 June 2004

The Electronic Frontier Foundation named the top 10 patents it wants killed, or at least redefined (all 10 patents are in some way illegitimate and are being used to limit free expression) ... http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,64038,00.html?tw=newsletter_topstories_html The EFF's Schultz hopes this process will help get rid of some bad patents, educate the public about the process of challenging them and protect Internet-based expression technologies. "The consensus is that a lot of bad patents are leaking through the cracks of the examination process," he said. "We feel ... the ones that we've targeted here are not only invalid, but are being abused."

Stereoscopic 3D video displays can provide significant benefits in many areas... http://www2.electronicimaging.org/shortcourses.cfm?sc_no=SC060

A Smart(er?) Graphics conference agenda; http://www.aicml.cs.ualberta.ca/banff04/icml/pages/schedule.htm

... McHugh's (damaged frontal lobes, a region of the brain associated with high-level functions such as planning) art reveals some aspects of his altered thought processes. He often draws images of faces within faces, which he describes as representing two parallel lines of thinking that seem to run through his brain simultaneously
http://www.nature.com/cgi-taf/DynaPage.taf?file=/nature/journal/v430/n6995/full/430014a_fs.html Patients seen by Miller since 1990 also have a new and sometimes compulsive artistic interest or skill. In this set of patients, the damage is predominately to the left side of the brain. Perhaps, speculates Miller, damage to the left lessens this inhibition and causes patients to become more interested in art.

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