12 March 2014



Mark Rothko on How (Not) To Experience His Paintings


The Creators Project (66 videos)

Fountain Art Show Video (Post by 5Star )


Quilting (with Processing) artist  : http://libselliott.blogspot.ca/

(Paperback) Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind 



"Painting is a self-disciplined activity that you have to learn by yourself." - Romare Bearden
"(After observing a particularly poor copy) Is that an original?" - David H.
"There's always far more going on that you've yet to see.  Even now. So if you should ever feel bored or lonely again, look a little closer." - The Universe
"I write every day ... It is not a burden. It is the way I live." - Mavis Gallant
"An artist's job includes the avoidance of premature closure by the begged or gratuitous approval of others." - Robert Genn

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