03 January 2006

WhoKnewWhen Map & TimeLine: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/knew/etc/connect.html This interactive map highlights what U.S. intelligence knew at particular points in time (beginning with the 1993 World Trade Center attack).

Mouse roll-over pops-up the recent history of del.icio.us bookmarks with screenshots (site thumbnail preview) : http://www.sterryit.com/trends.shtml data from livemarks, shots from browsershots

Slides of talk about mashups http://kokogiak.com/mashups at the TTI Vanguard NextGens Conference in Washington, DC . Via http://www.kokogiak.com/gedankengang/arch/2005_12_01_archive.html

http://coolgooglemaps.blogspot.com/ (Google Earth may be needed to view certain maps.)

Create a global cloud map (http://xplanet.fortha.org/clouds_2048.jpg ) every three hours : http://xplanet.sourceforge.net/clouds.php Via http://xplanet.sourceforge.net/maps.php

The Knitting Map : http://www.halfangel.ie/knitting-ie/theknittingmap.html is a fabric art and technology project that aims to take the pulse of the city (Cork, Ireland during 2005) and translate that information into a live knitting map. Pictures (including http://www.halfangel.ie/knitting-ie/knittingie-images/themap-01/themap-01-Pages/Image65.html), TechnologyMap,

"The Big Picture" (is a clearinghouse of projects, research, products and services that describe or apply information visualization technologies for enhancing use and access to Web and selected non-Web databases) : http://www.public.iastate.edu/~CYBERSTACKS/BigPic.htm Via http://members.cruzio.com/~devarco/tertia/enivision.htm (Envisioning the World Wide Web).

Knowledge Management : http://www.anecdote.com.au/archives/knowledge/index.html

The Depth of Field (DoF) Generator PRO is a Photoshop compatible plug-in capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field effects quickly and efficiently as a post process. : http://www.photoshopsupport.com/photoshop-blog/05/05/09-dof-pro.html

"The Internet is growing at an annualized rate of 18% and now has one billion users. A second billion users will follow in the next ten years, bringing a dramatic change in worldwide usability needs. " : http://www.useit.com/alertbox/internet_growth.html (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for December 19)

How-To: Make your own photo mosaics : http://www.engadget.com/2004/10/19/how-to-make-your-own-photo-mosaics/

Top 10 ( via http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/technology/archives/2005/12/31/what_we_need_now_is_a_top_10_of_the_top_10s_updated.html );
The top 10 stories of 2005
Top 10 worst products of 2005
Ten Failed Tech Trends for 2005
Top 10 Tech Transformations of 2005
The Top 10 interesting people in the Blogosphere in 2005
Top 10 Google Search Keywords 2005
Top 10 Words Looked-Up in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
The Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2005
Top 10 Innovative Web 2.0 Applications of 2005
10 Issues Facing Web 2.0 Today going into 2006
10 Web Trends That Should Die in 2006 *
Top 10 web design mistakes of 2005
AOL's 3rd Annual Top Ten Spam List for 2005
The 10 Biggest Microsoft Surprises of 2005
10 worst public relations goofs of 2005
Top 10 tech trends for 2006
Top 10 predictions for 2006
Top 10 Web Predictions for 2006
My Ten "Converging World" Predictions for 2006
Top-10 2006 Emarketing Tech Predictions
Predictions for 2006 (Funny)*
The Ten Best Top-Ten Lists

Over 1,900 Latin Quotes, Latin Phrases, Latin Mottos and Latin Quotations dictionary with English Translations : http://www.yuni.com/library/latin.html

"Men who love wisdom should acquaint themselves with a great many particulars." - Heraclitus of Ephesus (535-475BC) [Heracleitus] Greek Philosopher
"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist." - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche(1844-1900) German Philosopher, Poet (Via http://www.yuni.com/famous_quotes.html )
"By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882, American Poet, Essayist (Via http://nonstopenglish.com/reading/quotations/index.asp?search=path )
"Buddha left a road map, Jesus left a road map, Krishna left a road map,Rand McNally left a road map. But you still have to travel the roadyourself." - Stephin Levine

"The paradox is really the pathos of intellectual life and just as only great souls are exposed to passions it is only the great thinker who is exposed to what I call paradoxes, which are nothing else than grandiose thoughts in embryo." - Soren Kierkegaard, 1813-1855, Danish Philosopher, Writer

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