05 December 2005

CubicEye™ is the evolution of the traditional 2D user interface into a real-time 3D environment : http://www.cubiceye.net/ "Whenever multiple windows are needed to deploy the application fully, the platform provides an order and heirarchy to those windows, rather than scattering them around the desktop..."

"Mapdex"; a global index of 1,758 servers, serving 31,660 map services, containing over 400,000 GIS Layers : http://www.mapdex.org/search/ Their blog : http://www.mapdex.org/blog/1/2005/08/Mapdex-in-GoogleEarth.cfm

Internet TopologyMap : http://www.caida.org/analysis/topology/as_core_network/AS_Network.xml

See all your friends move around in realtime : http://mehere.glenmurphy.com/

BurningMan Map : http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Gerlach,NV+89412&ll=40.753934,-119.236625&spn=0.017724,0.014699&t=k&hl=en

Variable (Google) Map / Image Transparency : http://www.kokogiak.com/gmaps-transparencies.html

The Google Maps API allows overlaying maps using any WMS server (http://www.spatialdatalogic.com/cs/blogs/brian_flood/archive/2005/07/11/39.aspx ) : http://www.geoskating.com/gmap/garfi.html (Click on any of the 4 starting with the comarMap button) . This example explores: OpenStreetMap.

Timeline of Evolution : http://www.answers.com/topic/timeline-of-evolution

Examples of (mind)'map' search requests : http://dmc.umn.edu/cgi-bin/axs/ax-admin.pl?maximum=&format=Sort%20All%20by%20Time&s08=CHECKED&MakeGraphs=View%20in%20Graphical%20Format&since_last=CHECKED&start_date=&end_date=&Filter=

One of the sharpest new media artists in the world : http://www.number27.org/biography.html Jonathan Harris

Gift ideas for map lovers : http://www.stanfords.co.uk/newsletter/current/index.htm

"Modern cartographers tend to draw only what they know. We would be wise to heed the lessons of the ancients and draw not only what we know but show where be the dragons we must find and slay." - http://www.sla.org/content/Shop/Information/infoonline/2001/jun01/stanford.cfm - Map Your Knowledge Strategy

PhotoMontages : http://salavon.com/PlayboyDecades/PlayboyDecades.shtml The shroud-like image is yielded by a simple, custom process: point-by-point mathematical averaging (no special "morphing" is used). Via new media project list http://salavon.com/work.php

"You can always tell when you're on the right road; it's uphill." - ?
"I never studied Law!" - Bugs Bunny, not following the law of gravity
"The map may be studied by lamplight at the fireside, the Path is trodden out in the wind and darkness of the barren places of the soul..." - Dion Fortune, Esoteric Orders and Their Work,
"When you understand 'thoughts become things', you visualize, and you begin saying and doing things, every day, that you've never said or done before, the onslaught of serendipities and coincidences are immeasurable." - The Universe
"Always, always, always, always, always do what you are afraid to do." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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