25 November 2004

Concept Maps take an enormous amount of information and consolidate it into a concise, readable graphic. By working with concept maps, a group of people can rapidly explore the relative importance (or other factors) of different ideas and use this shared vision as the basis for further action. http://www.conceptsystems.com/ConceptMapping/ConceptMapping.cfm

Information Mapping; ______Science or______ Art?

Mapped Layers
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... here is a good example of the multi-faceted nature of map layers

"The best way to persuade people, is to show them what you mean." - Ron Wild

"To see a World in a grain of sand,
And a Heaven in a wild flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour." - William Blake ("Auguries of Innocence," Works, Oxford Edition, 1914, p. 171. )

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

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