16 March 2009

Visual Business Intelligence : http://www.perceptualedge.com/

Neighborhood Co-ops Google Street View

Pile'o Clothes Maps (Via John M.)

(Tony Buzan) mind-mapping Q&A

65 notable knowledge management sites and blogs Via

The Building Blocks of Our World


(Flickr) Toronto Before

740 Digital Artists

Even this mashup occasionally gets found

"I'm a peripheral visionary." - Steven Wright
"...the Inuit's vast geographic knowledge has been passed through many generations by oral means, without the use of maps or any other written documentation." - Claudio Aporta et al., 'The Trail as Home: Inuit and Their Pan-Arctic Network of Routes', Human Ecology, 2009.
"Hunches, instincts, and intuition are priceless, because they throw you into action. Right?" - The Universe
"If you are struggling to earn a living, then you have to appeal to your market. If you aren't then you don't." - R.B.Wild
"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

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