03 March 2009

Nibipedia has taken TED videos, associated time stamps with them, and associated Wikipedia pages with the time stamps. Via

Zooming 20millionX

(Conference) Spatial Relations: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA) : http://www.celea-aceel.ca/

The ten and a half commandments of vis ...

Travelling Tips For A Happier Life Journey

The Montage Art of Winston Smith : http://www.winstonsmith.com/gallery/

Technoscience Salon
(Entangling Technoscience, Politics and Play in the GTA)

(First) Song sold

Listed under 'Blog' : "memorable visualization of universal knowledge" :...

"A good composition doesn't need to tell the whole story." - Robert Genn
"He who leaveth home in search of knowledge walketh in the path of God. " Mohammed (570 - 632) Arab religious leader
"The categories of human thought are never fixed in any one definite form; they are made, unmade and remade incessantly; they change with places and times." - Emile Durkheim Via
"There is nothing worse than being a doer with nothing to do." - Elizabeth Layton
"See through the fog that tells others nothing matters, nothing is happening, and it does no good." - The Universe

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