20 March 2009

(Introduction & Demos) preview release of the Flex MultiScaleImage component which is built on top of the OpenZoom SDK http://openzoom.org/

Google Lively Died (8 July'08 - 31 Dec'08) when traffic started to tank (most linked obituary) Google v. Second Life? No Contest ... Wrong!!! (How Google Decides to Pull the Plug) ---> New Lively' website (? FAQ )


The Crisis of Credit Visualized

TorsoContour Map

New map IDs the core of the human brain

InfoViz Experts : http://www.vizthink.com/images/stories/vt09/VizThinkGuideFinal01.pdf

How Can You be an Awesome Commenter?

Where does your art come from ?

Vividp added this as a favorite (18Feb).

"I consider that the golden rule requires that if I like a program I must share it with other people who like it." - Richard Stallman
"You are always the student in a one-person art school. You are also the teacher of that class." - Irwin Greenberg
"Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired." - Terri, age 4
"This evolved artistic character could also be seen as taking part in casual, exploratory pursuits, the outcome of which was often unknown." - Robert Genn (discussing Denis Dutton's 'The Art Instinct')
"Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you." - Lao Tzu

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