12 March 2009

Building mashups using an API

Non-metric System Map

(Podcast) Information Visualization: Beyond Reporting and Into Collaboration

(Example) Google Image Search " Showing only line drawings"

(IP) Orphan works

(How to) Edit Videos (for Free)

Another online poster printing service (3x3' for $35)

(Book selection) "Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think"

35 Ways To Get Links to Your Blog

Got a Via reference for blog quote

"There is not a problem on earth where the solution does not begin with education." - http://www.freeschools.org/
"Like a flower blooming in a desert, talent can be unseen and unappreciated... For those talented ones in any culture who are fated with some degree of freedom from everyday toil, there can be little excuse." - Robert Genn
"As bohemianism itself became institutionalized, Wyeth encapsulated the artistic conservative's paradoxical idea of cultural disobedience through traditional behavior." - "Michael Kimmelmann, critic
"Why are the pictures square if the lens is round?" - notstevenwright
"A work of art is a world in itself, reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world." - Hans Hofmann

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