13 March 2009

False Myths of InfoVis

eLearning research institute

(Visual summary) The Fall of GM

Tiling in Three Dimensions

More Website trackers

Canada's Stonehenge

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Ottawa run cam

A Blog about Fractal Art


"When one is endowed with talent, one cannot depend on it." - moral
"When a painting is in the making, we seem to recognize it little by little, but without ever knowing ahead of time what its true visage will exactly be." - Jean Bazaine
"It's sometimes wise not to grow up." - ?
"How will you answer those who will one day look at your utterly amazing life, and say, "Yeah, but for you it was easy"? (of course you'll tell them it was, and that it can be for them too)." - The Universe
"Be who you are and be that well." - Saint Francis de Sales

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John M. said...

Hello again.

"It's sometimes wise not to grow up." = Mick Jagger/Keith Richards from the song "100 Years Ago"

Cheers and happy spring!