22 December 2008

(Blog) Dataesthetics: The Power and Beauty of Data Visualization

Artefact really works well as these communication devices serve as 'research through art and design’, ‘where the end product is an artefact – where the thinking is, so to speak, embodied in the artefact’ (BOOK; 'Research in Art and Design', p.5) C. Frayling, Royal College of Art - Cited by 42 - Related articles - Web Search quoted in Visible Signs by David Crow Via

Mind Map Library : http://www.mappio.com/ ( 1000's of MindMaps)

University of the Arctic Atlas

How far does Santa Travel Map

Ideas of the Archive

(Call for Maps for 5th Iteration on) "Science Maps for Science PolicyMakers" : http://scimaps.org/cfs.php

Method of this project: literary montage ("I needn't say anything. Merely show." - Walter Benjamin) Via

(Nicholas Crane's television series) Map Man (made originally for BBC Two), portrays cartography and cartographers.

Christmas Song (Alvin & The Chipmunks)

"If you sit and get really quiet, fully expecting your answer, it has to come. Guaranteed." - The Universe
"... the ratio of commentary to reported fact is getting higher and higher,... We create this big pageant of commentary with this tiny little nugget of reporting at the center." - Rachel Maddow
"As an artist/composer,my intention is always polarized by concepts of 'the beautiful and the sublime'. To me, beauty is crystal; rationality, precision, simplicity, elegance, delicacy. The sublime is infinity; infinitesimal, immensity, indescribable, ineffable." - Ryoji Ikeda
"One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes." - Eleanor Roosevelt"
"Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled." - Mohammed

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