05 December 2008

Now find Postal Addresses (with Google Map)

State Transition Diagrams

After a quick discussion, a mind map is drawn to summarize the thoughts of the group around each question.

History of the World Map

Map Thumbnails byAlison Whittington, the chief mapmaker for the Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration & Cartography. Shop

(Blog) La Cartoteca

Fair Use? : Using Quotations

Research these related

Tripod Founder / Social activist (would probably? like and)

(Essay) Self-Reliance (1841) by Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The advent of cash flow further propelled the creative hand and gave permission to the exploratory nose." - Robert Genn
"If there are no stupid questions, then what sort of questions do stupid people ask? - ?
"New tools, for new means of expression, lead to new results: provocative, crude, delicate, personal, grand, arrogant, humble, megalomaniacal, predictive, retrospective, sensitive, tasteless. In a way, disarray in the arts mirrors our troubled world and its new methods of building and destroying." - Ken Knowlton
"The disaster is still arriving." - Serge Le Borgne, gallerist (regarding the global economic slump)
"Every good craftsman conducts a dialogue between concrete practices and thinking; this dialogue evolves into sustaining habits, the these habits establish a rhythm between problem solving and problem finding." - Sennett, Richard ( The Craftsman. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008)

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