04 December 2008

Dresden Gallery in Second Life - the Old Masters Picture Gallery, one of the world's most famous museums http://www.dresdengallery.com/ (750 masterpieces of European art history). (Powered http://www.secondinterest.com/ ) Via

(Movie) Dynamic MindMap (Movement of Second Level Connections)

Map–territory relation

The Power of Maps: "Mapping Science" Exhibit (at the Cameron Library, University of Alberta)

From Picture Processing to Diagrammatics

R. Buckminster Fuller - A self-proclaimed “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist


Free collection of icons

(Definition) Combinatory Thinking : Visual thinking that tends to promote the merging, mixing or coalescing of separate configurational ideas into a new unified whole

Ovation TV (multiplatform network focused on entertaining, inspiring and engaging the artist in all of us) Search Results for "map"

"When you look around you, at those in the world who flourish, thrive, laugh, and love - with friendships, adventure, even abundance - aren't they, more often than not, first and foremost, the dreamers?" - The Universe
"Expectation unlocks all doors, lights all paths, and frosts all cakes." - ?
"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it." - Frank Zappa
"Do not believe in miracles - rely on them." - ?
"Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face." - Charlton Heston

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