09 January 2009

A manifesto for map studies (Forthcoming in Rethinking Maps, Routledge, 2009)

http://visualthinkmap.ning.com/ sources examples of mind maps, notebook, sketches, info graphics, concept maps, diagrams, topographic maps, spatial cognitive visualisations.

Fractal knowledge map

The Library of Congress Book of Literary Maps

(Video Interview) http://www.thegreatideas.org/HowToReadABook.htm

SEO Guide & Mindmap

xkcd : Forums for the webcomic

Sketch creates art making opportunities for young people who live street-involved and homeless or who are considered to be at risk.

A link that I emailed has appeared in arosner's delico.us Network TAGS: , , ,

(Audio Clip) Tony Clifton confirms that he is NOT Andy Kaufman. (88k)

"All that is revealed in the practice is concealed in the research." - Macleod, 1999b (quoting student p.38) Via Some quotes about art-practice-based research
"It's amazing how long it takes to complete something you are not working on." - McGee's First Law
"The End Result + Action = Hows + Manifestation (will make the most happen in your life, the fastest, with the least stress)." - The Universe
"Every map is someone’s way of getting you to look at the world his or her way." - Lucy Fellowes, Smithsonian curator (quoted in Henrikson 1994)
"The ‘mapping’ of a conceptual space involves the representation, whether at a conscious or unconscious level, of its structural features." - Margaret Boden, Author and professor Via

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