14 January 2009

Cartography is dead, long live the map makers

SFMOMA ArtScope is designed for wandering, for the chance discovery of artworks from our collection, arranged in a continuous, map-like grid (Zoom in on an eye-catching image).

cyberloom weaves together thoughts and ideas about technology, education and art with a special focus on virtual worlds.

Eco Mapping

Stock Map Imagery

A compass icon for a 'Back' button

Time Capsules : http://spacecollective.org/timecapsules/

Winners of the myartspace Bridge Art Fair Miami Compeition

Notes on the Path

Movie reviews and trailers [view in right column]

"...engaging art-making as research does place demands upon it that are likely to affect it as a process." - Hanrahan, 1998, p.31
"Says one New York tourist to a local,“Hey buddy, do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice” was the reply." - old joke
"What is it that you'd really, really like to see happen in your life, but have not visualized in a really, really long time? Well, let's just say, conditions are now favorable... and it's time to rock and roll." - The Universe
"It’s called the American Dream cause you have to be asleep to believe it . . ." - George Carlin
"Every innovation story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the middle, most companies are lost." - Via

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