29 January 2009

Moving the Map Project Via


Research on Visuospatial Thinking and Reasoning

COGNITIVE MAPPING (Definitions, Examples, and Resources)

Time Management MindMap

(100s of) 3D-images(stereogramms)

Our Brain is made up of three main parts, which have developed at different stages of our evolution.

Pleasure Dome is a year-round film and video exhibition group dedicated to the presentation of experimental film and video.

Art Seller's Guide

The End

"Drawing itself is a part of learning: learning to use one’s eyes to see more intensely." - Henry Moore
"Borders represent the idea of impermeability alongside the reality of permeability. Borders separate at the same time as they connect. They insist on purity, distinction, difference, but facilitate contamination, mixing, creolization. Borders fix, demarcate; but they are themselves imaginary, fluid, always in the process of changing." - Susan Stanford Friedman
"The best way to win an argument is to begin by being right." - Via
"Holy cow! You mean I could have thought anything ... and been anything?!" - TU
"The mirth and fun grew fast and furious." - Robbie Burns

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