09 September 2008

XY Axis Zoom

University Campus Maps

All Streets : is One more project by the interesting Ben Fry, who's passion for cartography and organic design have produced many interesting projects.

Best ways to improve your mind maps :

List of fractals : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fractals_by_Hausdorff_dimension

One year on ScienceBlogs

Borat at Toronto Film Festival (Part 1) Via

Environmental and Social Surrealism

Body Mass Indexes categories illustrated

Side-barred 'Miscelaneoase' at http://www.jobsessive.com/

LineGrid dividing ----->>>>>>>

"It's not the struggle that makes us artists, but art that makes us struggle." - Albert Camus
"Just because something happens regularly, it doesn't mean it isn't special." - R.B.Wild
"The days are long enough for those who use them." - Leonardo da Vinci
"Media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not be worth sitting still for." - Clay Shirky
"The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart." - Mencius

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