05 September 2008

Knowledge Mapping and Bringing about Change for the Sustainable Urban Environment

Google SketchUp Competition Entries : http://www.openarchitecturenetwork.org/node/2125/entries

Events exploring community cartography, radical map-making, spatial activism

Grid Software : http://www.programurl.com/software/grid1.htm

(European) Geography Game Via

GameON: Finance returns in October 2008 to Toronto

atlas(t) blog (about mapping, urbanism, landscape, and geography) writer : http://clairelight.pnn.com/5913-about

Creative Business Cards Ideas

(Vancouver) Supplier (Via) of Plexiglass transmounted c-print photographs

Spanish version of this blog

"It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself." - Alan Ball
(writing credit: American Beauty)
"Maps are art with a purpose." - Lloyd Brown
"It's not enough to just imagine happiness. Like all dreams, one must then endeavor to experience it as well, knocking on doors, turning over stones, and otherwise giving your couch and your vision board a rest." - TU
"I pledge impertinence to the flag waving, of the unindicted co-conspirators of America, and to the republicans for which I can't stand, one abomination, underhanded fraud, indefensible, with Liberty and Justice... Forget it." - Matt Groening
"Today must not borrow from tomorrow." - German Proverb

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