22 September 2008

(How to) create aerial panorama from Google Earth (including 52 comments)

Exaggeration with Maps

(Final Fantasy X) Sphere Grid

Global Warming : http://live-the-solution.com/mindmaps/ Also A Mind Mapper’s Guide to the Science and Solutions eBook

Mapped Stories : http://edinburgh.murmur.info/ (click the red dots to listen to the stories) Via : http://mooonriver.blogspot.com/search/label/Psychogeography

Mapping technology developer : http://www.tom-carden.co.uk/

Mappish paintings

Remix Culture great visual overview and introduction to remix video.

How To Erase Your Tracks Online

One of the 'Recents' : http://kronka.com/community/links/

"He who wonders discovers that this is in itself a wonder." - M. C. Escher
"Something we were withholding made us weak,Until we found it was ourselves." - Robert Frost
"The vast majority of human beings dislike and even dread all notions with which they are not familiar. Hence it comes about that at their first appearance innovators have always been derided as fools and madmen." - Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)
"Weak eyes are fondest of glittering objects." - Thomas Carlyle
"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known." - Willard Duncan Vandiver

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