30 April 2013

Mapping Ulysses

Smartphone projector

Four Color Map Puzzle

Guerrilla Geography Network on Facebook

[Hardcover] Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science

New Art-Tech Industry (it's Not a Bubble, It's Barely a Blip)

Interdisciplinarity: Artistic merit

(Illustrator) how to cut a shape ; Knife Tool, Eraser Tool, Scissors Tool and Crop

Why You Should Write Daily

What happens when the Artist is more interesting than his art

"Talent hits the target no one else can hit; genius hits the target no one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer
"In this vast changing world of technology the old saying ‘stop and smell the roses’ holds even more meaning." - Kathleen Arnason
"A good scientific theory shines its light, revealing the world’s fearful symmetry. And its failure is also a success, as it shows us where to look next." - Dorion Sagan
"If they can learn to read, then they can read to learn." - Negroponte  (“Emtech Preview: Another Way to Think About Learning”)
"Sometimes when circumstances or disappointments bump you off track, it's the beginning of an even bigger dream coming true, that could not have come true on the track you were on." - The Universe

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