12 April 2013

Map of best swimming holes

(Poly models). http://www.polyedergarten.de/e_polyseite9.htm

Free Art & Technology Lab ( F.A.T. Lab )


Cut / printed Paper

Patent Tracker, gives users a tool to search Microsoft patents by patent number, title, country, and ...


(Profile)  Coxeter


24 hours of internet activity around the world in 8 seconds 

"I know it when I see it." - US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, on the elusive definition of hardcore pornography, 1964
"History without the eloquence of images is blind; art without the testimony of texts is deaf." - Simon Schamaa
"Consider every single day to be the single most important day in the history of forever. So far." - The Universe
"Selling out is harder than it looks. Diluting your product to make it more commercial will just make people like it less." - Hugh MacLeod, Cartoonist
"Scientists are explorers. Philosophers are tourists." - Richard Feynman, physicist

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